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A Glimpse Into the Spirit Novel Chronicles: Anna: the Prophesied One

Happy Saturday! I've decided to do another look into the Spirit Novel Chronicles because it's one of my most viewed posts, besides my Character Introductions, which you guys seem to gobble up.

Anyway, Here is the synopsis or the blurb for the book:

  Young Anna Healer's life has been nothing, but heartache and pain. The only daughter of the Healer Family. Beaten by her mother for things she couldn't control and a destiny that she never wanted. Marked as the Prophesied Adultress and the Devil's Mistress. Can she cast off the image everyone sees and show them that they're wrong? Can you change fate? 

  Anna's first book is something that I was a bit skeptical about writing at first because Anna wasn't really on my radar when I first began writing. I thought she was a side character and the more I wrote about her the more I realized she wasn't a side character. 

  She was charismatic, strong, loving, altruistic, and had a flair that made everyone sit up and listen to her when she talked. Keep in mind that this was while I was writing another book in the series. I was drawn to her character and I found myself wondering, "What's her story?" So, naturally, I had to write it. 

   Going into her book I knew certain things had to happen and I didn't like that. Why should so many bad things happen to such a good person? It was hard to write the depressing scene that starts her book and the betrayal that takes place later in her story. It was heartbreaking and I wanted to give her a better ending, but I also didn't want to compromise her story, which meant I couldn't do that. Ugh!

   I had to grit my teeth, grab a tissue box, and strangle a few characters along the way (none of them were Anna), but I made it through. This was only her first book and the sequel to it held much worse tragedy than this one and I was glad that it had a semi-happy ending. Her story does end on a happy note though and I'm glad that it did or else I'd be a bit depressed still. Anyway, that's the Glimpse at Anna: The Prophesied. Next week I plan on doing a Glimpse into Anna: The Healer, which is her second book.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Character Introduction: Kalista Iduna Angelic

**Disclaimer** the introduction is done in a question and answer style with a short biography at the end and a quote from the character that appears in one of the books. The question and answer portion is done in the characters perspective.

Name: Kalista Iduna Angelic
Alias: Mrs. Tragedy, The Angel of Prophecy
Pronunciation: K-ah-least-ah, eh-dune-ah
Nicknames: Kali, Lee,
Race: Fallen Angel
Job: Prophet, helper, encourager
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Purple
Skin Tone: Naturally sunkissed
Scars and Tattoos: I have a few, but I refuse to talk about them.
Parents: The Maker was my Father, but I have no mother.
Siblings: Rafael, Remiel, Uriel, Azrael, Saraquel, Suriel, Raguel, Phanuel, Michael, and Gabriel
Significant Other: Cannon
Children: I have Two
Best Friend: Lou, Atropos, and Beryx,
Worst Enemy: Doubt
Favorite Pastime: Reading
Pet Peeve: when others doubt my prophetic gift
Powers: Healing, Telekinesis or psychokinesis, Prophecy, teleportation, and Retrocognition or seeing past events.

Kalista has always stayed by Lucifer's side and never wanted to leave him even at his worst when he told her to leave him to die. She stayed by his side helping him up when he sank into depression or went into an opium-induced high. She told him about the future, but he doubted her and that is when she went looking for help and found Cannon. She brought him back to help her and Beryx with Lucifer but she never expected that Cannon was her soulmate.

"Hello, Remiel. I knew you’d come to us." 

"We are created beings without equal and we possess abilities that they can only dream of. That alone scares them because they cannot control us."

"Lee, it's alright to cry. I could only bring him back for a moment, but Findibar was right, he is at peace now and I can't bring him back again. I'm sorry Li’ T’soulus [ little dear one],"

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tips: How to Focus.

It's Saturday and I really didn't have a topic prepared. It's been a busy week here and I decided that I'd write a blog about tips for staying focused even if you're majorly busy. It was hard to get a lot of writing and editing done this week, but I pulled some pretty late nights and got things accomplished.

These tips aren't going to be just about writing. It may help those who just can't seem to focus on chores, goals, or work too. Tips to help you stay focused. Anyhow, without further to do: some tips to help you stay focused.

1) Make a realistic list of goals for TODAY. This isn't a major goals list like finish my novel, get published, clean the entire house, or not play on my phone at work. Yes, these things should be accomplishable, but there not going to happen all in one day. This list is for things as simple as take the dog for a walk, do the dishes, write 1,000 words, finish the chapter, read a book, or remember to tell your boss about that vacation time you need to take off for your cousins wedding. Just little things that need to get done as soon as possible.

2) Declutter: no I'm not talking about actual things taking up space though it's good to get rid of unneeded things, but I'm talking about things that take occupy your attention. Yes, remove the distractions. If you're at work and it requires you to focus on people, put your phone on vibrate or turn it off entirely (unless the phone is your work). If you're at work at it requires you to be on a computer, turn off the internet browser, make sure you only have your work's website open. Don't go on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other Social sites. If you're writing, turn your wifi off. Yes, I said it. Turn off the wifi and focus.

3) Disconnect: this sort of goes along with number 2, but it deserves its own slot. If you're really having trouble focusing, disconnect from everyone and everything. Turn off your phone or at least turn the ringer off, unplug the wifi (or turn it off on your phone or computer at least so others can enjoy it still), and if that doesn't help tell people that you are going to be busy so they don't try to contact you (plus they'll ask later what you got down as an extra side of encouragement. *wink*)

4) Make a Playlist! I do this one a lot. I am a music addict and I have different Playlists I listen to when I do different tasks. If I'm cleaning, I'll listen to Classic Disney because it's upbeat and keeps me moving. If I'm exercising, I listen to techno and something with a good beat that helps me keep the movements even and rhythmic. If I'm writing Romance, I listen to sappy love songs. If I have an action scene, I want songs that are fast paced. I actually have a few playlists designated to certain characters that I only listen to when I'm taping that character's moods. 

5) Have everything you will need close by. If you're working on a craft or project you gather supplies, the same thing goes for everything else in life. If you're work customer service, take mint gum or mints people enjoy it if your breath smells good when they have to talk with you. If you're working out, have your weights, music, and a towel prepared. If you're cleaning, make sure you have all the supplies out that you will need (I suggest having a cleaning supply bin or caddy that they all go in. It helps a lot). If you're binge writing like I do, make sure you have your music, the notebook you wrote the original work in, a pen, water, and a snack because getting up for those things will distract you.

In an effort to keep things short, that's it for today. If you liked this week's blog, let me know in the comments. If you have anything else you want me to talk about that you think would be interesting also leave me a message. There is now a link on my website to sign up for email notifications when I post. I post a longer blog like this every Saturday and a Character Introduction every other Wednesday. This week is another C.I. So be on the lookout this Wednesday. Also, if you want to follow me on Social Media the links will be below.

Thank you for reading and As Always, go be awesome!


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Another Glimpse into The Spirit Chronicles: the Novels as a Whole

  It's Saturday, which means a new longer blog and I've chosen to go off the last Saturday post and tell you more about the series, so here goes nothing.
   The Spirit Novel Chronicles as a whole were something I started the summer before college. At first, it was only a pipe dream and I never thought about showing them to more than just my cousin and my sister. These last twelve months have shown me that other people actually like my writing and enjoy the characters. I was floored and I still can't believe it.
   When I started writing the first story, it was only supposed to be a three book series, but Five years later I have written eleven books and have seven more started. In the first two years, I realized that this had become bigger than a Trilogy and there were more stories to tell than I had originally anticipated.
   If you would have told me that Ashton, Anna, and Kalista would still have stories to tell me after eleven books, I would have laughed at you and shrugged it off. Now, I'm wondering why I was worried to let people read my books or make a blog before. You all have been so encouraging and I know some of you only read this blog because I am writing it, but thank you anyway.
   Now, for what you've been waiting for. My series started out with a girl named Kalista, but after I wrote her first book I realized there was a lot of back story that needed to be explained and Anna needed to tell her story. As I sat down and wrote Anna's story, I realized that Ashton also needed to tell his story and as things went along more characters started coming out of the woodwork. I was shocked at first, but then I was relieved because I love to write.
   Kalista is a rebel who doesn't go follow the crowd. She's considered an outcast among her own race and those who oppose her will give everything to see her fail. She never gives up and always pushes for what she knows it right. Through her seven books, I have grown to love her like a friend or a child. I've seen her fall, helped her get up, wiped her tears, hugged her close, and was happy for her when things went right. I've done the same thing with my Ashton and Anna as well.
   Each character in the series is unique and yet similar. They face everyday crisis and even some supernatural issues that are far beyond their control. It is not the struggles they face that make the books enjoyable, it is the overcoming that encourages me and others to pick our heads up and realize that our lives could be worse. It is the mentality of "If Frodo can take the Ring to Mordor, I can face *Insert trouble here* today." I want people to say, "If Kalista can overcome *bleeps out spoiler* then I can face whatever life throws at me."

Well, that's all I have space for today. Don't want to make this too wordy.
Thank you for reading, links to my other social media outlets will be at the bottom of the post.
As Always, go be awesome.

-Jennifer Williams.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Character Introduction: Anna Natalia Of the Healer Clan

**Disclaimer** the introduction is done in a question and answer style with a short biography at the end and a quote from the character that appears in one of the books. The question and answer portion is done in the characters perspective.

Name: Anna Natalia Healer
Pronunciation: Ah-n-ah N-ah-t-ah-lee-ah
Nicknames: Anne, Annie, Natty,
Race: Spirit, a Half-Angel, Half-Human Hybrid
Job: Agent, Mother
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Cobalt Blue
Skin Tone: Peachy? Natural? not too pale and not too tan. I've always liked it
Scars and Tattoos: I have a few of both
Parents: Xenon and Shannon Healer
Siblings: Nathaniel and Larock
Significant Other: Justin and (?)
Children: Allistasia Grace, Aiden Merlin, Kalistasia Mae, Kalitara Yasmin, Daniel Christof, Kalista Iduna, Braedon Carson, and Nicolette Elise
Best Friend: Josephine Joy Healer
Worst Enemy: Whoever threatens my family
Favorite Pastime: exploring, swimming, enjoying my children
Pet Peeve: when work interferes with family
Powers: healing, teleportation, prophecy, manifestation, angelic speed.

Anna was never innocent. Her mother was abusive when her father was out on Council Business and he didn't find out until the day before he died. Her and her brother Larock were the only survivors of a terrible house fire that killed Xenon, Shannon, and Nathaniel. Anna wanted revenge and didn't get it for several years. She became the first female ambassador for the Council and she was pre-trained by her older brother Nathaniel, but Justin finished her training. They worked together for  several years before they married and things took a turn for the worse.


"Everyone else is telling me that I am what I don’t want to be. It’s nice to hear a different perspective especially from you because you know more about the prophecies than they do."

“I want revenge. Will you help me get it?”

"You changed and I can’t take the silence anymore. Please tell me what’s going on with you."

"Fine, keep your secrets."

Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Glimpse into the Spirit Novel Chronicles: Book One

The Council of Fire is the running title for Book one of the Spirit Novel Chronicles and is the natural place to start the series. It's told from the point of Lucifer the Fallen Angel of Light and tells his plight to regain the last of the demon hoards that went astray when he was in his stupor that lasted a span of a thousand years.

"With the whole of demon kind nearly under his control again, Lucifer seeks to set up a ruling Council like the Emperor of Greece and his senators. He chooses fourteen of his closest allies, but when the trials come will they stand together or be divided?"

Along the way, Lucifer learns that he doesn't have to be the monster everyone paints him as and that he can indeed find love. When things begin to look up, insurmountable odds threaten to overwhelm him and war is inevitable. He realizes that some of his closest friends are working with the enemy and some of the demons he thought were his enemies aren't enemies at all.

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Quotes from the book:
"They tend to show too much affection when they’re among their own kind. They don’t see a problem with it and genetically there isn’t one, but we need to keep up appearances for the humans." -Lucifer 

“What are we talking about now? Has Beryx finally found his match,” Dagfinn asked as Beryx scoffed glaring at him eyes filled with fire.
“No, and I don’t think I ever will. Chara expressed her love for me, she told me I was the one she loved and not my brother. Now she’s hanging all over him to hide the fact..."-Beryx

“She’s a keeper, don’t mess it up, this time, Lucifer,” he chided before clapping me on the back. I did the same before he went down the hall to his chambers.
 “Sleep well my friend,” I returned before opening the door leading Lilith inside the main room

“Lucifer, please tell me you aren’t going to do anything rash,” Cannon’s voice called to me as I turned with an evil grin on my face. He rolled his eyes and knew my answer.
 “Now that depends on your perspective,” I cryptically commented before sending him back to the fortress. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Choosing Names for Characters

Hello everyone, I'm back! It's Saturday and time for another Blog. This week I'm going to tackle a big issue for some writers: Naming your characters. For me, this was a breeze and I'm sorry if that makes you mad, but it just isn't an issue for me. It may get harder down the road when I can't think of any names. If that ever happens, I'll deal with it then or come back to this post.

Naming a character is paramount to the role they play. I know some of you will disagree with me, but hey, it's the truth. Take it or leave it. You need to think of a character's backstory when naming them. Were their parents wealthy? Were their parents weird? What kind of lifestyle are they expected to live? What is the characters ethnic heritage? Do they come from a long line of parents who named their first son born son Stanley, because it's their last name spelled backwards? Take that into consideration.

Also, think about your setting of your story. Are you writing a Fantasy Novel set in the middle ages? Then pick a name with a flair like Sir William of Harpsberry or King Xerxes the Illustrious. Don't just name a character Will and expect them to slay dragons or go on some big adventure. Sure Will could do that, but a name says volumes about a character. Are you writing a Fiction Novel in the Contemporary Era? Try something like Jessica Hornell or David Fitzpatrick. Always have your setting in mind.

In my books I named a lead female character Anna Natalia because a) I liked that name b) her parents liked the idea of giving their children two names in order to easily identify them from someone else who may have the same name and c) it was as unique as the character. It was what the character's parents would have done. I named another character Julian A. Maxwell. He's one of the few humans in the books and he is one of the main characters in two books in the series. His name is more common and that's because he's common (I'm not going to describe him today, you'll have to wait for until the next Character Introduction to find out more about him *wink*)

Anyway, Main characters should have more prominent names and sub characters should have more common names. I find that it's easier to remember a character if they have a unique name rather than one that's commonplace. Some say that the opposite is true, but I'm not going to argue. I hope you found this helpful, if you did, please let me know in the comments. Tell me what you think or if you have a question. I don't know everything there is to know, but I'll help you with what I can.

As always, thanks for reading and Go be Awesome!
-Jennifer Williams

Writing: the Untold story

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my blog. It's Saturday (It's actually Friday night, but you'll see this tomorrow), and that's mean a lengthy blog. Yay! This is going to be in the category of experiences I've had with writing my books. Granted I've been working on these books for just over four years and have more than that written, but more on that later. I don't claim to be an expert by any means, but I want to tell you how I write my stories and why I got discouraged when I read another author's advice about writing.

For me, writing comes naturally. I'm not talking about the grammar part, but the words, the dialogues, and the descriptions. Grammar usually takes a back seat until the editing process, which is why I have such a problem with it. Let me give a bit of advice: Edit as you go! Don't be like me and save it all for when you've come to the end of that story, your word count, or just the end of that book. That's a rabbit trail that I don't have time for.

Most writers will tell you that they have an outline and that makes it easier for them to write their book. Let me stop there and say: This author isn't me. I have only ever used an outline once and I know it's not the proper way to do it, but if I have an outline it doesn't flow as easily. Generally, when I write a book, I know how I'm going to open it and I have a goal to get to by the end of the book. I keep that goal in mind, but what happens between the start and the destination relies on the characters.

Let me give you an example, but first a brief intro about why I had a beginning and an end with no outline. Kalista was the character I started out writing in my first book the summer before college and when it was finished I realized there was a bigger story to be told. There was the story of her parents, her sister, and her brother that was left in the air and I'd only vaguely hinted at. It leaves the reader begging for more, but it also leaves the author wanting to write more and this is good and bad.

This is when I frist realized it wasn't going to be a little four part series like I thought and I knew I had to write the other books. Now comes the example, I started to write her mother's story and I knew where I was going to start and where I was going to end, but everything in between was up in the air. I knew the conflict that would happen and I knew the end result, but not what started everything. So I sat down and thought about it for a while and I began typing.

In the Prologue, I introduced the turning point for the character Anna Healer, or she introduced herself, due to the way the perspective it's written from, but that's irrelevant. She introduced a big idea that's supposed to spark an interest with the reader. Then describes for the reader the setting of the story in terms they'd relate to while still fanning the flame. I just re-read it this week and it got my own mind thinking again.

Writing isn't cut and dry, this is how you do it and that's it. Nothing in life is like that. No person is made the same, no story is the same, and, therefore, no book is written the same way. Let this be a reminder to my fellow upcoming writers and authors. Don't get discouraged if you find out you're doing it different from someone else or even "wrong" in some authors opinions.

With that thought, I must say Goodbye.

I hope you enjoyed the blog. If you did leave me a comment. If you have a topic you'd like to hear about from the author perspective please let me know.

As Always, thanks for reading. Now, go be awesome.

Jennifer Williams.