Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween and most everyone I know is dressing up to go out trick or treating with their kids and friends or handing out Candy but I'm here to talk about NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, which begins tomorrow. I have been preparing for it with great enthusiasm this year, where as, last year it never took off. If you didn't read my first post about NANOWRIMO click the link, because if you don't it won't make sense.

The first year I completed NaNoWriMo, in 2014, without a problem in half the time allotted.  Last year, however, I tripped and fell on my face at around thirty-two thousand words and I've been thinking about that a lot this past week. I want to write a NaNo novel this year and to do that I needed to analyze why I fell flat. I've come to a few conclusions and here are some tips from that.

1) Write a ROUGH outline. In 2014, I prepared an outline. In 2015, I didn't. I had a point A and a point B but I had no plot points in between. I had absolutely no clue what lay between A and B and was lost in the middle. I was running circles and my story fell flat on its face. Reading through it now, I realize what went wrong and how to fix it but back then I didn't know because I didn't have a clearly defined path through the dark forest between point A and Point B.

2) Schedule a time to write every day or at least write something every day. If you haven't written anything when you are about to fall asleep, pull out a notebook, whip out your phone or pull out your laptop. Do not let even one day go by without at least writing five hundred words.

3) Make consequences for yourself. This one isn't my original Idea but one I got from a webinar I watched, though they set up more elaborate consequences than I'm going to suggest. Setting consequences for yourself will give you a bit more incentive if you need that. Say you miss a daily writing goal, or three, and a friend asks you to do something on the weekend. Your consequence is that you have to refuse in order to sit down and make up for the days you missed. If you don't make the fifty thousand words by the end of the month, you give $20 or even just $10 dollars to an organization or a foundation that you don't agree with, or you can take your archnemesis (someone you find completely annoying) out to dinner. Consequences help you achieve goals. The next point goes along with it.

4) Award yourself for finishing goals. I'm going to do this weekly and at the end of the month when I finish completely. When I finish a week, I may buy my favorite ice cream or go out to the movies with a friend. When I finish the big goal, I'm going to do something big... that I have yet to decide on (maybe get my husband to go out to dinner and celebrate).

Bonus: Missing Days and Writing more than necessary. Don't get discouraged if you lag far behind. you can always adjust your daily writing goals to cover for missed days. But also the opposite of that, Celebrate really good days. If you write over the allotted words for the day, celebrate it. Go out and get a coffee, stay in and play a video game. Enjoy some much needed time with your spouse.

That's all I have for you today and I'm not going to do a blog on Wednesday because I'm posting one today. Also, November will be filled with blogs about NaNoWriMo. Every Saturday I'll give an update on how my novel is progressing and give a bit of encouragement to all of y'all that are going to be taking on this challenge with me. If you haven't signed up yet, it's not too late and it's completely free to sign up. Here is the website link: Nation Novel Writing Month . Org. and don't forget to add me as a writing buddy (link to that is here Writer in Waiting).

I can't wait to start writing a new story for my Spirit Novel Chronicles. I've changed my title and I'm thinking outside of the box. Making an AU (Alternate Universe) in the third person instead of first person like I normally do. We'll see how this turns out but I'm more than excited. Down below is a glimpse at some art for the book (squeals in delight) Enjoy! Now, go be ghoulishly scary! Be safe out there!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

What Writers Do: October Horror Month, Part Four

Welcome all,to the last installment of October Horror Month. This blog may be one of the hardest I've ever written because of the Topic and my lack of sleep this week but no matter. Today I'm delving into Killing Characters (insert horrified scream here).

Becoming a writer has given me a new perspective on killing characters. A lot of fellow readers I know dislike when a character dies, especially one they are attached to and love. As a writer, I can tell you that we aren't all unfeeling cyborgs  and killing characters is just as, if not more, emotional for us than it is for you. I think about all the characters I've cried over in book series and then about the ones I've had to kill in my own books and I realized that it's the same response.

I cried for a month every time I wrote the name of one character that died. He was a main character, an all-around upstanding guy, and I fought with Kalista for three months before I could even write the scene down. His death was a tragic and gruesome even that pushed Kalista into a place she'd never been before. She was hellbent on revenge and sought justice for his death. To quote her, "I won't rest until I bathe in her blood" and to another person, she said, "Until I dance on her entrails." She became almost blindly violent toward the responsible party.

That's the point of a character's death. It moves the protagonist or the antagonist to action. A character's death should never be without a purpose, even if it's for the purpose of making the main character's life that much harder. A character should never die in vain. The death of the aforementioned character served to push Kalista forward. She had been relying on him for so long and he was the person that kept her going for so long but when he died she was suddenly on her own and had to remember that he wasn't the one she should have been focused on.

Anyway, Killing characters is a tricky business, just talk to George R. R. Martin or J. K. Rowling. Killing characters cannot be done without a lot of prior thought and emotions attached to that character. If writer's simply killed off a character they had just introduced you'd feel nothing. It would be pointless. Oh sure, you killed a serial killer and lived to tell about it. So what? If the Killer is never properly introduced and his heinous crimes never described or mentioned, you feel absolutely nothing when he is killed. However, if I were to say that he kidnapped, tortured, and then cut up twenty people into tiny pieces over the course of five years, you'd be disgusted and then grateful or even glad when he died. That's the difference. If we kill a character that we have nothing invested in than their death has no purpose.

Killing characters isn't easy and people will be mad at you for killing of their "favorite" character but if their death meant something you don't have to lose sleep over it. It's in the past and cannot be unwritten. The past is there to learn from and that is all I have to say on the subject.

I hope you enjoyed the October Horror Month series. If you missed any of it there are links to them on my What Writers Do page. If you did like it, let me know and if you didn't like it, for one reason or another, tell me on the Fan Mail: Contact Me page. I'm not going to take the blogs down but it will help me know what you all are looking for here on my page. With that, I will let you go. Stay tuned for a special post on monday, Go be awesome and remember to be safe as we approach All Hallows Eve on Monday.

-Jennifer Williams

Saturday, October 22, 2016

What Writers Do: October Horror Month, Part Three

Come one, Come all but enter only if you dare. It's installment three of  What Writers Do: October Horror Month and I will be talking about accidents that leave characters scarred, horrifying incidents that cripple characters minds with PTSD, and things in life that cause characters to slowly go insane. 

The aforementioned life experiences push characters to their breaking point and scarred them either physically or mentally. It could be as simple as having an abusive alcoholic father or hearing the screams of a family member who is dying in a house fire that the character can't save them from. These incidents scar a character and sometimes taint them until they are no longer the same. 

These lynchpin moments in a character's life can be what brings them out of their shell or push them into it if they feel that they are the cause. My main character when through (at least) one of these traumatic lynchpin experiences in every book. It's usually not the climax either but the root of the issues that surround and change her life. These experiences can help readers relate to the characters and sometimes even make you resent them for a bit if they are the ones causing the issues. 

Having horrific experiences happen is what drives a character to action or to a decision. If nothing ever changed in a characters life and they lived problem free there, there would be no story to tell. Yes, you could have the character move and have to start a new life but that's not what I write about. My mind doesn't find that challenging enough. I usually put my characters through something I genuinely fear and explore my feelings on the subject then write them. 

This is why I deal with hard situations and some unsavory characters. My mind is a scary place and I've explored a lot of things that scare and terrify me: abuse, crippling accidents, stalkers, loves lost, death's of family members, etc. Recently the situation my mind is taking on is more of a mental issue than a physical one and it starts with this question:
"What happens when you become the monster that you've been fighting for so long?"

That doesn't explain the full thought but that's the starting point and leads to questions like: "How do you kill a Monster without becoming one?" "How do you deal with the people that treat you like a monster because of necessary actions you made that they will never understand?" "What if I am the Monster inside my own head?" and many others that I've been tossing around lately. It's something I really haven't thought about in context of my main characters and the roles they've each taken on at one point or another. 

Anyhow, that strayed off topic but that's how my mind works and I'm going to end there for the day. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something. Now, you've come to the end of another October Horror Month post and your dose of horrifying thoughts are ready to take you through the week. Go be Awesome. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Character Introduction: Ephraim Angelic (Updated)

**I'm sorry this is three days late, but I wanted to get it posted before Saturday.**

"Ram! Didn't you hear me calling you?" Ivanya asked as she walked into his home office where he was busily typing. He cringed at the hostility in his wife's voice and he quickly shut the screen of his laptop and turned his chair to face her.

"I'm sorry Mi' Tarai. I didn't hear you. I was just typing up a few last minute documents and the agenda for the next Council meeting. What's wrong?" he asked as he took her in. Her voluptuous curves were barely covered in her cropped top and short shorts that showed a little too much skin for him to condone. Her long dark hair had been recently cut to her shoulder blades and complimented her sun-kissed skin and pure gold eyes.

She was perfect but her attitude and her character were severally lacking. To tell the truth, he was only with her because they had a daughter together and, even though they weren't in a monogamous relationship, he wanted out. She was a means to and end; that end was met when they'd successfully imprisoned his brother more than a thousand years before. Now, there plans had fallen apart again because of the Charka Aknobas, the Broken Redeemer.

He realized that Anya had started to talk and he'd zoned out again. The sound of her voice that once stirred his desire, now bored him to tears. She was so narrow-minded and shallow that even her presence made him want to vomit but her friend, Corona, now she was another woman entirely.

"I don't know why I even bother talking to you. You obviously aren't listening to me," She grumbled as she plopped down into the cushy circular floor cushion. Her golden eyes looked tired and he noticed that her stomach wasn't as toned as usual.

"Anne, is something going on between you and your boyfriend?" he asked, trying not to imply anything. Her pupils dilated and she blinked then nodded.

"So you were listening," she whispered and he shook his head. Every muscle in her body tensed and she was about to grab the small end table and throw it at him before she composed herself. She'd just spent ten minutes telling him, in a roundabout way that Justin wasn't going to leave his wife.

"Anne, you should know that I-" He tried to diffuse her anger but she was too far gone for that.

"No, just shut up and listen. I need to convince Justin to leave his wife. He refuses to leave her until their twins are old enough to understand. I want to speed up the process. I want to kill her," she proclaimed and a wicked smile crossed his face. That was the missing piece to his dilemma and they now had the same goal. Cutting Anna Tragedy, Justin's wife, out of the picture.

"Why not make her beg for it? Have death be her idea," he implied as Anya grinned. The wheels in her head began to turn and her frown grew into a wicked grin that almost matched the Master's grin that curled back to his jaw socket.

"Let's talk to the Master. He'll be willing to take her out and he could do it far better than I could," She admitted and Ephraim grinned. That was one thing he could agree with. The Master already had the Charka Aknobas wrapped around his finger and that meant he had a way to push Anna to the brink of insanity.

"Call him."

Saturday, October 15, 2016

What Writers Do: October Horror Month, Part Two

Welcome one and all to week two of October Horror Month, if you missed week one Click Here. This week we're going into the techniques of brainwashing that psychopaths extort in order to weaken the victims and break them.

I have to admit that I didn't find this out until after I'd already written my books and my main antagonist Uriel, adequately brainwashed my characters but after I found this formula it made complete sense. The formula of brainwashing is simple: Isolation, Inconsistent Messages, Sleep Deprivation, Abuse, Doubt, Keep them on their toes, and Wear Them Down. I'm going to take this a step at a time and let Kalista's psychopath, Uriel, be your guide for today.

Step One: Isolation
Uriel did this mentally and not just physically. He worked his way into the minds of his victims until they isolated themselves. In one case, he started telepathically talking with her out of the blue and urging her to do things that she usually didn't think twice about. In another, he made sure she had no one else to turn to and in the last he isolated the victim from even himself in order to drive them insane. He used his telepathic abilities and his ability to manipulate others, via compulsion and mind control, were his favorite tools to isolate potential victims.

Step Two: Inconsistent Messages
Uriel was fond of the mental game more than the physical one so this step took no time at all. He would learn the parts of normal society they disagreed with and further distort the characters views until they thought like him. He liked to do this the most by using truth. He told his victims what others in authority refused to tell them and therefore gain their trust before he plunged the proverbial dagger into their mind and show them that it was all their fault. In a way, he'd let them figure out for themselves what was happening by planting little things in their paths to turn them to his point of view. He's done this in several different ways: He used a corrupt government system, feuding and cheating parents, authority figures secrets, and general life lessons that his victims had been taught. Moving on.

Step Three: Sleep Deprivation
This is a no brainer but with mentakinetics (A fancy term for mind control and other mental abilities) at Uriel's disposal, it was too easy. His favorite way to deprive a victim of sleep was nightmares. His abilities ventured into the subconscious and twisted even the sweetest dreams until the victim refused to sleep due to the nightmares that haunted them. The sleep deprivation made it easier to finish the process.

Step Four: Abuse
This could be physical, emotional, or mental but in Uriel's case, it was physical. I won't describe anything in horrific detail but let's just say that Jack the Ripper and Ted Bundy have nothing on him whether in his gruesome dissections or in the final body count. Let's move on.

Step Five: Doubt
Oh, Uriel's favorite part, making the victim doubt what they know and how they feel. He would twist their thinking until they thought and acted the way he wanted. They would doubt their age, name, birthday, and how they felt about heinous and even illegal acts.

Step Six: Keep them on their toes
Uriel didn't need to practice this. He did it without even thinking. He relied on his emotions and when his anger flared he would flip a switch, performing the Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde trick in mere seconds. He was always unpredictable, even to those closest to him and his underlings.

Step Seven: Wear Them Down
When it gets to this step, Uriel would become bored. His victim had no more will to fight him and he would pawn them off to his underlings or sell them to the highest bidder. His methods were unrivaled and his victims were brainwashed until they were nothing more than slaves who were made to serve. There were less than five victims that ever lived through this process with their will still in tact and five more that would have lived had he not killed them.

There they are. The Seven Steps to Brainwashing, Uriel Edition. This would have been a different list had I used my female antagonist but not too much different. Each of these steps can be changed or modified to fit your villain but this is Uriel's favorite method.

This Wednesday I will have a character introduction for you, that should be scary enough for Octobers Month of Horror. Now that you've had your dose of psychopath for the week, go be awesome.

-Jennifer Williams

Saturday, October 8, 2016

What Writers Do: October Horror Month, Part One

Come one, come all. Welcome to the first installment of the What Writers Do: October Horror Month. Today we're going to start out with the most terrifying place for any writer: The Mind of a Villain. 

A Villains Mind is a horrifying place to be and Writers, like me, find themselves in them more often than we'd like to admit. The Villain of every story is just as important to the plot as the protagonist or the "Hero." I've been Crawling into the mind of the main Villain of a few of my novels for the past two months and it's not a fun place to be. In light of that, here are a few things about writing a Villain that you may not have thought about the last time you read a novel.

Writing a Villain is harder than writing the Hero. Yep, there's the cold hard truth in black and white (Or orange and white). Writing a hero isn't easy but writing a villain that is memorable and relatable is difficult. You want to hate them, you want to feel nothing when the hero eventually kills them. If the author has done their job you will see the Villains point of view and sympathize with them even if it's just a minuscule thing,

When an author writes a villain that is both relatable and memorable, it stays with them. We find ourselves asking "What would (insert the name of your antagonist here) do if (insert life experience you're having) happened to them?" The answer is usually never a good thing but it takes our mind off the sting of whatever is happening and lessens the blow. Don't misunderstand me, we do this with our protagonist too but during hard situations that our protagonist has never been through, a Villains perspective is more colorful and diverting than the hero.

Giving a Villain depth is one of the hardest things to do because, as I mentioned above, the end of the Villain's story is friendship (in which case they weren't really a villain but an anti-hero, more on that in a later blog), imprisonment or, in my books, death. There is a fine line between giving your Villian some sympathetic qualities and having your readers hate on the hero for killing them in the end. This is a hard line to see until it's far too late and you've already crossed it but what you have to remember is that even the best assassins have hearts and mothers (or in my case, the worst serial killers have significant others and children which they love affectionately).

The worst (or the best, depending on the kind of writer you are) part of writing a villain is crawling so deep into your head that you begin to think like them. After a while, it becomes so easy that instead of being patient with someone being completely idiotic you want to put duct tape over their mouth, a pillow over their face, and make the world a better place. Yes, crawling inside the mind of a psychopathic lunatic serial killer it not a good thing... at least not most of the time. (Insert evil laugh here)

Some things about writing are harder than others but I really have enjoyed getting to know my antagonist more, even if that makes me want to kill people and sing "Do you want to hide a body" (to the tune of "Do you want to build a snowman" From Disney's Frozen). Though most days it's not fun to torture, maim, and kill characters I must say that I enjoyed writing his death scene.

I'm going to leave you with that nice thought and I'd say, "I hope you have a nice night (or day, whenever you happen to read this)," but after reading that. I'm not sure I can (Insert evil grin). Anyway, now that this blog has come to an end, go be awesome.

-Jennifer Williams 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Character Introduction: The Angel of Death

**This one is a bit long without more to say here's your meeting with Death**

"Apostolos, I'm not going to answer that. You should know by now that I don't discuss my personal life with you," I reminded him, holding the phone to my ear with my shoulder as I rummaged in the desk for the paper he forgot. He heaved a sigh and I rolled my eyes. I had a feeling that he was rubbing his head like he usually did when he thought I was convoluted and insensitive. 
"Jenny, we've been business partners, housemates, and faux siblings for close to three hundred years. What part of our lives are personal anymore? This can’t be a secret. Uriel bombed our apartment. He’s obviously hunting you and you didn’t bother to call me. The Funeral Home is my business too. If he's hunting you, the business is the first place he's going to be watching," he bartered back and I slammed the middle drawer of his desk closed. I put him on speaker and set the receiver back. 
"I know but you aren't here and you can check the security systems as much as you want. It's still working and our safe phrase is still in place, remember? All I have to do is speak the phrase and it will contact you, which is not going to do me any good since you are out of town Numbskull," I insulted him as I pulled out another drawer. "Are you sure it's in here? Did you leave it in Chicago or was it in Greece?" 
"I didn't take it to Greece, thank the Maker. It would be impossible to retrieve it after that explosion. The document may be in Chicago but Uriel has his men watching the penthouse,” he informed me and I groaned. Does he expect me to do everything? I internally growled before I took a deep breath and counted to ten. I didn’t need to take his head off over this minor issue but it was awfully tempting.
“This is why I told you to make an online storage account so you could save, access, email, download and print everything when you forgot,” I reprimanded him and a familiar female voice piped up.
“You don’t have the document?” She asked and I paused. That was a Aimee Angelic, Uriel’s disowned daughter and the only one of his kids with a solid head on her shoulders.
“Hello, Aimee. He does have it… It just isn’t on him. You know how forgetful he can be sometimes,” I mentioned and she scoffed. She was a fellow freelancer that worked both sides of the law depending on who paid more and whose cause was just. I, on the other hand, refused to work for any thugs, government agency, or pimp. I had standards.
“Right, you should have been with us when we worked on The Master case. He was horrible at keeping up with the paperwork. I think Kalista talked with him for a good hour on proper protocol when he got here this morning,” she laughed before abruptly stopping. I blinked at that tidbit and my mind tried to process it. Kalista was the Director of the Preternatural and Mythical Creatures Agency. If she talked to him about paperwork, then he was working for them. I stopped looking for the paper and just stared at the boxy phone.
“Apostolos Kennan O’Hannigan, if that’s even your real name, how long have you been working for them?” I choked and the line went dead. I slammed my hand down on the speaker button of the boxy phone and my anger burned in my chest. Was watching me one of his assignments? Could I ever trust him again?
My phone buzzed and the TV on the wall announced that I had an incoming video call. I fried the connection with my technopathic power and it went dead. I hit the end button on my phone and opened the bottom drawer finding the document he needed. I took it out of the drawer and slipped it into the fax machine as he tried to call the house this time. I picked up the receiver and slammed it back down. I turned on the fax machine and scanned the document into it along with a paper that simply read “stop calling traitor” in bold Capital letters.
When they went through I set both papers in the middle of his desk and walked out of the room leaving my phone behind. The house phone rang again and I let it flip to the machine. It went through its message before Api’s voice permeated the air.
“Jennihara, this isn’t funny. How do I know that something didn’t happen to you or that Uriel didn’t come to the house?” he ranted and I hit the button with my telekinesis. I walked into the living room and laid down on the couch, staring at the ceiling. I racked my brain trying to understand how I didn’t know that he was working for the Agency.
There was a knock on the front door and I sat bolt upright. I grabbed the gun from under the coffee table and slowly walked toward the door. Was that Uriel? Did he decide to come back for round two? Couldn’t he take a hint?
I took a deep breath and looked through the peephole. I saw a familiar man with a dirty blonde head of hair and seafoam green eyes. I let go of the breath and looked at the clock. He was right on schedule and I’d completely forgotten about the consultation due to the ruckus Uriel had caused on his family’s farm this afternoon. I opened the door and smiled at him, his smile fell when he was the gun in my hand.
“Hello Gavin, I’m sorry about making you wait. I’m still a bit shaken,” I apologized taking in the sight of him standing on the porch holding a lined wicker basket. He’d traded his jeans and plaid shirt for a leather jacket, tee shirt, and leather pants. How did this country boy turn into a city slicker in less than an hour? He truly is a man of many faces.
“Don’t worry and don’t apologize. I’d be carrying a gun and checking the door before I opened it too. That psychopath is definitely someone I’d rather not meet in a dark alley,” he breezed and I chuckled at the joke. His smile lifted his lips again and I opened the door wide enough for him to come inside,
“I’ve learned that guns come in handy when my brother’s out of town,” I replied before setting the gun on the kitchen counter. “If you’ll come this way, I’ll show you around the funeral parlor before we sit down and discuss the rest of business,” I continued and he nodded setting the basket on the counter with the gun. We walked into through the house to the attached Funeral Home and he took in the size of it.
“How many people does this seat? It looks a bit big for our country town,” he eluded and I grabbed a pamphlet from the rack by the door. I held it out to him and he hesitantly unfolded it.
“The main room seats three hundred easily. We do have a second room upstairs that seats more and has a Television for watching a live video feed of the service there. You’d be surprised how many people turn out for funerals. I’m pretty sure that we had about five hundred people out for Mrs. LaPlant’s Funeral last year,” I countered and his jaw dropped. Mrs. LaPlant was a local farmer’s wife and grew up in McDonough her entire life. She knew everyone in town on a first name basis.
“I see. Do you have a kitchen where we can have the caterers prepare everything?” he asked and I nodded leading him downstairs into the massive dining hall. His mouth dropped again and I smiled, my practiced business smile. I heard the phone ringing upstairs and I pushed the thought from my mind.
“There is an entrance at the back of the building that comes straight down into the basement so that they won’t disrupt the service at all. Your Opa had a casket picked out and the rest of the service planned, down to the songs that would be played and who would speak,” I rambled and he nodded. I led him back upstairs and into the room where we kept our stock. I’d already pulled the blue casket down and he chuckled at the color.
“He always did like that color. It matches the suit he wants to be buried in,” Gavin’s eyes watered and I rubbed his arm. He shoved back his sadness and looked at me. “Shall we go to your office and we can talk about prices?” he asked and I shook my head.
“There’s no need for that. Pastor Jeremy was a friend and I want to honor his memory not tarnish it by asking for your money. I actually approached him when I heard what he paid for Delaney’s funeral in March. I didn’t want to see y’all paying that price again, though I didn’t think I’d be the one coordinating this and talking with you,” I offered and he blinked at me. His mind spun with things that he couldn’t say because he was a gentleman and a good ole’ country boy at heart but I still heard them.
“Thank you. I think I know why Valerie sent me with the basket now,” he chuckled and I smiled. Valerie was always thinking of ways to pay people back for what they did for free. It was one part of being a pastor’s wife that she never seemed to understand. People around here would do things for her just because she was Pastor Hank’s wife and she would never really understand that. I shrugged and we strolled back into the kitchen as the message played through again. I ran to hit the button put Apostolos started to speak before I got halfway across the kitchen.
“Alright, I’m sorry Jennihara. Is that what you wanted me to say…” I quickly picked up the phone and hit the stop button. I set the phone to my ear and fought not to growl at him.
Link, I’m with a client right now. Can you call back later?” I asked through gritted teeth. Gavin stared at me from the doorway into the kitchen as if he were still trying to understand what was happening.
“Maker above! Thank you for taking your own sweet time to answer the phone. I thought Uriel had kidnapped you or was torturing you. Maker’s sake, I was about to call Kalista and send her over there,” he exasperated and I groaned. I pulled the phone from my ear and slammed it on the counter a couple times before I set it back to my ear. Gavin cringed at the action and walked to the island. He opened the basket and started pulling out food.
“Sorry, must have been a bad connection. I’m fine, Uriel’s not here. He’s probably off finding someone else to harass right now. Go fly a kite Link. I’m turning the ringer off so that you no longer disturb the appointment,” I stressed and he tried to counter but I slammed the receiver on the hook. He looked up at me and I ran one hand back into my hair.
“Is your name Jennihara or Jennifer? I could have sworn you said Jenn-i-FER Mortem on the phone,” he implied and my mouth went dry. I’d hoped he hadn’t heard that, but now I couldn't deny it. Curse Apostolos and his high and mighty, protective character.

“Actually, Jennihara is an alias. Link knows that I don’t like it when he uses it, so he does it whenever I’m ignoring him,” I lied and Gavin nodded, not thinking a thing of it. I thank the Maker for small blessings and helped him unpack the basket.   

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Writer's Life: October

Hello, Lovelies! Happy October! It's time for the update on how I did in September and my goals for October.

Goal #1: Write at least a thousand words every day. I can say I didn't do this every day but I did write a thousand words at least three-quarters of the month.
Goal #2: Edit at least two books. I have done this. What made it easy was Natural Reader. I caught so many more mistakes and errors while listening to them than simply reading them.
Goal #3: Nanowrimo goal, gather all my ideas and characters together. Check! This I did too!
Goal #4: I wanted to get a draft of my first book ready for conference. This isn't going to happen. Health issues came up that are preventing me from going to writer's conference since it is eight hours away. Sadly, I am no longer going to conference.
Goal #5: Talking to five new people about my books... I talked to three people about my books, so that's a half point on that one.

So I did two and a half out of five. Alright, Now for October's goals.

Writing Goals (#1): Finish writing the new book I started in October. It's about one-third of the way written already and I have a good idea how I want things to go. Let's just hope that my characters agree with me.

Editing Goals (#2): I want to print out and edit one of my books on paper. I have done this with one of my books and it helped very much. It was nice to see it in printed format.

Nanowrimo Goals (#3): Come up with a working title for my November novel and finish the cover photo. This is self-explanatory so moving on.

Book Goals (#4): I want to get at least one book ready for a Beta Reader or a Critique partner to read. This is a big step as the only book I've ever let someone else read was my last Nanowrimo work.

Personal Goals (#5): Find out what wrong with my knee. Some of you know that I am a Klutz.  I get hurt a lot and most of the time it wasn't my fault in particular. I fell and messed up my right knee back in 2011 and I had to have surgery to repair my meniscus in 2012. Well, I fell again in July of this year and the pain just wasn't subsiding. I had an appointment with the Orthopedic in the beginning of September and he sent me to five weeks physical therapy. After three weeks the Therapist wanted me to go back to the Orthopedic as therapy was making the pain worse. I have an appointment with the Orthopedic this coming Monday and I'm hoping we'll get this solved soon. If y'all would pray that the doctor can figure out what is wrong I would appreciate it so much.

There are my five goals that I am going to accomplish this month. We'll have our usual What Writers Do series next week. I hope this inspires you to set your own goals for the month and stick to them. Now stop reading and go be awesome.

-Jennifer Williams

P.S. Blog Goals (#6): For October I'm going to do a scary theme for the What Writers Do blogs stay tuned and be afraid, be very afraid.