Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of 2016: A Year In Review

Hello lovelies, it's New Years Eve and everyone is reminiscing about the last year and preparing for next year. So, I'm going to follow the trend. This year has been a year of self-discovery, fond memories and death of beloved Icons in all industries and walks of life.

On Wednesday, I was pondering how many well known celebrities died last year alone and that sent me on a hunt to figure out the exact number. I ended up on the NBC news site and it listed over a hundred people that had died in 2016. That is staggering to my mind.

We lost some of the greatest musicians, authors, artists and celebrities that the world will not soon forget, but let me give you some encouragement. Each one of the icons that died left something behind. Wether it was a story, a song, or a movie that impacted your life, they will never truly be gone. There legacy lives on in each of those that remember them: David Bowie for his music (and movies), Harper Lee for her books, Alan Rickman for his roles in Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd, and others, etc. I could really go on for pages and pages, but those are just a few that I have mourned the loss of this year.

Let's move on to a lighter topic: Self-discovery. If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that I would be writing a blog, managing a facebook page, and making 3D models, I would have said, "You're insane. I write fiction and I only use models that other people have made. I don't think a blog is a good idea."

That was my piece a year ago but here I sit writing blog number sixty-ninth blog (and I'm not out of ideas yet), my facebook page has over sixty followers, and I'm using Blender and DAZ Studio to create pictures and models like I never thought possible. This is something I never thought possible, given my intorverted personality and my indecisiveness about big decisions like this. It was definitely a year that I discovered I can step out of my comfort zone and not have everything turn out atrociously wrong.

Next year, I hope to do a bit more of this. I'm going to set more self-improvement goals than I did last year and I will be exploring publishing options (because I'm not sure about all of them and I don't know if you can know all the options out there). I would say that I'm going to set more writing goals but I'm already on top of that 110%, the first-draft and revision editing is a bit more tedious and can be frustrating at times but I will do more of that this coming year as well.

For the blog, I'm going to be continuing the What Writers Do series and talking about what writers deal with on Saturdays, with Character Introductions every other Wednesday but I'm going to be adding something new. I'm calling them Story Snippets, there will be a clip of the book I'm actually working on posted on altenate Wednesdays than the Character Introductions, along with the scenes will be a picture. (Pictures and stories are copy-righted so please do not copy and paste. You may share the blog to your hearts content.)

That's all I have for you today. Now, go be awesome and do something nice for someone else today.

-The Author, Jenny Williams.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Writers Tag: Naughty List

Alright, my lovelies, some of you know that I absolutely love Jenna Moreci (there is a link to both her Blog and her youtube in her name) and she put out a writing tag, tagging all of her watchers, us Cyborgs. So, I decided to take the challenge instead of doing my normal Saturday Blog. (I did not come up with these questions, I'm only answering them) So, Here we go.

  The Rules are as follows:
1) Answer the questions using characters from your current WIP.
2) Do NOT use the same character more than twice.
3) Provide a brief (seriously folks - BRIEF!) description of your plot before answering the questions.
I'm going to be using the Kalista Chronicles from the Spirit Novel Chronicles because I've been working on that the most. What you need to know about the KC is that the main character Kalista is the daughter of the Fallen (and Redeemed) Angel Lucifer Angelic and the Council of Spirit, the head of the Preternatural and Mythical Creatures Agency, watches and criticizes her every move. She hates this and wants to know exactly why they do it. She ends up entangled with the Antagonist who makes her life a living nightmare. Now, to the questions

#1 Which character would get wasted at a holiday party and end up humping the Christmas tree?

This would be Braedon. Braedon is Kalista's younger half-brother, who gets caught up in the darker side of the Preternatural world. He starts dealing Salventra (Preternatural Weed) and other drugs to get by, while keeping an eye of his little sister, Nicky. He would be the one to get drunk on Euphoria at their family Christmas party.

#2 Which character deserves to get the crap beaten out of ‘em by the Krampus?

I'd definitely choose Faythe. Faythe is the first fate and she has ego issues. Her best friend (and sister in law) Azrael describes her as "A red head with an agenda." Faythe is always working out her to accomplish her goals in the background and she doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. She definitely needs a good beating.

#3 Which character is the Grinch this year?

Oh, that would be Azrael, better known as Karma, Kalista's Aunt and another Redeemed Fallen Angel. She's also a Private Investigator and Assassin for the Preternatural and Mythical Creatures Agency. As her nickname implies, she gives everyone exactly what they deserve and can come off as a bit of a Grinch, especially around the holidays.

#4 Which character would try to get a little too friendly while sitting on Santa’s lap?

That would be Nicolette, or Nicky, Kalista's youngest sister. Nicky is a flirt, a spitfire, and hides her lascivious nature behind a childlike persona. She is the manager and a dancer at a club called the Naked Eclipse II, which is a Preternatural Gentleman's Club. She has been known to get into trouble with the wrong people especially those older and more mature than she is.

#5 Who would your antagonist most like to tongue beneath the mistletoe?

Yeah, this is a no-brainer. He'd want to corner Kalista and he'd do it slyly. The Master has a thing for the daughter of his sworn enemy and won't stop until she gives into him. Kalista hates his guts, dodges all his advances, and avoids him like the plague only to be thrown to him by **bleeped spoiler**, who **shocker** has no idea who he really is.

#6 Which character would accidentally tip the menorah and light the house on fire?

That would be Julian. He is the only main character of my novels that is human. He is Kalista's best friend and, although he's well-versed in all things preternatural, tends to overstep boundaries and, to Kalista's dismay, mess things up without realizing it. 

#7 Which character is most likely to bring magic brownies to a holiday party?

That would be Kalistasia (Asia), Kalista's oldest full-sibling. Asia just likes to cause a bit of innocent trouble when she knows she can get away with it. She plays on the riskier side of the line and a little left of center. She was into more adult activities well before she was an adult and her adopted father, Korah Eclipse didn't discourage her either. She would also be the one to spike the eggnog and not tell anyone.

#8 Which character is most likely to ring in the new year naked? And why the h*** are they naked in the first place?

Definitely Beelzebub. Bell is just the kind of lascivious and charming character to be caught naked and no one thinks twice. He is credited with having created Succubus, Incubus, and Occubus demons (responsible for making all your wildest fantasies come true before draining your life essence in a moment of passion) one night in his sleep. And why would he be naked? Simple, he gets around.

#9 Which character is absolutely kidding themselves by insisting they belong on the nice list?

That would have to be Justin, Kalista's step-father. He's a member of the Council of Spirit, superb agent, and, most of the time, a loving husband and father but he has a dark side. He is an abusive drunk and cheats on his wife, Anna throughout most of the SNC. He would say he is on the nice list because he has justified his dark deeds.

#10 Which characters would readers be most shocked to find on the naughty list?

Michael, Kalista's first love interest. Michael is a good guy, a good agent of the PMCA and a great friend but he ends up doing some awful things that get him on the naughty list (like helping the Council spy on Kalista and then lie to her about who her soulmate is in order to keep her safe or so he thinks). 

Well, that's all the questions she had. I want to tag all of my readers who are writers for this challenge. You read that right. If you have a WIP  (work in progress) or have written a book, I want to know your answers. You can find the questions and rules here. Go be awesome and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Character Introduction: Beryx Drascul

"Rex, are you even listening to me?" Freedom asked and I snapped back to the present. I sighed and looked at her mismatched eyes as she stitched the gash on my arm.
"I'm sorry Freedom. I did hear you and this isn't your fault. I just didn't listen," I admitted and she rolled her eyes. She tied off the string and tossed her long dark brown braid over her shoulders and I watched her, waiting for the rest of the argument. She walked over to the bookshelf and blew the dust from the spine.
"You should know that I never waste my breath. I told you what would happen if you tried to talk to her. She doesn't remember you and she won't until after she finds her father. Right now, he isn't in her life and she thinks he abandoned her. She doesn't remember her contract with my grandfather or him torturing her," she reminded me and I looked down at the stitched ten-inch gash in my arm. She flipped through the book searching for something but I wasn't sure what she was looking for in such an old book. She was guarding her thoughts too well.
"If Kalista doesn't remember him, how did she remember how to fight? He taught her that, didn't he?" I asked standing up from the small table in her office. She shook her head and handed me the book opened to a page with a picture of a warrior and I was confused until I recognized her face. It was Kalista. "Freedom... what is this?" I asked flipping the book over but it didn't have any markings on the cover.
"Cannon and Dagfinn taught her how to control her powers and how to fight, respectively. She remembers them but not the Master," she explained pointing to a passage on the page beside it. My eyes drifted across the page, falling on the paragraph her delicate finger indicated.
Day Ten: Kalista handled the rituals remarkably well. She doesn't seem to remember her powers or her heritage, which was the desired effect. Though, what they were trying to prevent has already happened. They wanted to hide her from the Master but they have no idea that they handed her to me. It was enlightening to see everything in her mind and how she thinks before I removed all memory of Beryx, Anya, Ephraim, and my true identity. She needed to be reminded that the Council is in control and that some things need to remain a secret.
"He really is out to kill her, isn't he?" I asked as the shock sank in. Kalista had forgotten me and that was why she attacked me. She didn't remember that we were friends, let alone anything more than that. It was hard to take all at once.
I walked out into the open living area and dropped into an armchair. The pages of the book turned and there was a colored drawing of the Master. His smile went back to his jaw, showing his two layers of sharp teeth like a shark. His orange eyes seemed to glow with fire and orange scales covered his arms and neck. Other than the scales, he looked like any other fallen angel.
"That is truer than you think. She underestimated him and he used her innocence against her," Freedom answered the rhetorical question. I turned my head to find her sitting in the chair next to me and she was holding another book.
"What's that?" I asked closing the book on my lap. She handed me the second book and my eyes widened as I read the title. Prophecies, Volume II: The Charka Aknobas and the Judge.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

What Writers Do: Sickness

Can it really be Saturday again? It must be because Sunday is tomorrow but today doesn't feel like Saturday for one reason. I'm sick... again. This stupid head cold just won't die and it leaves my brain foggy which makes it hard to write, so here are some things I do when I'm sick and it's hard to write.

1) Get comfy!
The first thing I do is slip into something comfy, usually a hoodie and sweatpants or yoga pants. I brew some tea to help my throat and use my favorite mug. I sit on the recliner couch, kick up the footstool, and grab my tablet, computer, or whatever I happen to be writing on lately.

2) Surf/search Pinterest Prompts
This can be both good and back. Mindlessly pinning things isn't good but there are a lot of story inspiring pins on Pinterest too. I have a secret board dedicated to each book of the Kalista Chronicles and one for each book of The Jennihara Trilogy/Chronicles. I also have One for the Beryx Trilogy, one for the Anna Novels, and one The Council Trilogy, besides having some of characters and stories in the works. If you're lacking ideas or don't know what to search on Pinterest here's a list to get you started
  1. Writing Prompts (this can be adapted by putting Fantasy, Dark, Antagonist, protagonist, sarcasm, etc. at the end)
  2. Inspirational Quotes. Don't knock these. They can be great sources of story inspiration.
  3. Picture Prompts: I particularly find that putting creepy, cute, or sad before or after helps narrow it down. You can use pictures and gifs too. 
  4. Character inspiration. These can be adapted and changed to fit your story. Also, try putting the word picture at the end, you'll get some interesting things.
  5. For the Book I'll Never Write. You'd be surprised how good some of these are and how deep they are.
3) Listen to Music.
For those of you who are new, there is something you need to know: I'm a Music Addict. I listen to music almost 24/7 and if I'm not listening to anything, chances are there is a song playing in my head that I will eventually start humming or singing along too. I call it my background music. 

4) I avoid all social activity and/or chores.
Being introverted, I usually do this unless I've had about anywhere from a week to a month of mentally preparing for the encounter. I stay inside and avoid people. No calls, not many texts, no social media (besides Pinterest) and absolutely no visitors. On the chores side of things, when I'm sick, I have zero energy which means chores get pushed until my OCD/ADD kicks in and I clean a lot and all over but it looks like I get nothing done. The joys of my weirdness. 

Anyhow, that's what I do when I'm sick and need/want to write. What do you do when your sick and need to get writing or anything else done? Do you have a meticulous way you handle it or do you just lie in bed all day? Let me know either in the comments or by mail. I have several ways to contact me listed on the FanMail page. 

That's all for today. Go be awesome! 

-Jenny Williams

Saturday, December 3, 2016

What Writers Do: Around the Holidays

Saturday is here again and I'm back to my normal What Writers Do series and since it's that time of year, it's time to talk about the Holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Quanza (or any others I didn't mention) the holidays are a tougher time to write. Everyone wants to meet up, talk, and exchange gifts. This leaves little time to write and/or edit. So this Holiday Season I'm saying No to the rush and the busy schedule (at least one day a week). I'm calling this my Writing Day.

My Writing Days is simply this: Me taking one day a week to say no to the holiday rush and the people who want to see or talk to me. One day where I refuse to leave the house, extrovert, or be sociable at all. I will answer no texts, take no calls, and Make no visits. This is time for me to be alone, open my creative closet, and let all my ideas bury me.

Alternatively, I may have days where I need a writing hour or two. Time to get away from the rush, become a hermit, and lock myself in a room with my creativity for an hour or two (or five). The reason for this is simple: I am an INFJ (Introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging... according to the 16 personalities quiz and I agree) and sensory overload is a real thing (so is the INFJ door slam but I'll talk about that maybe in a Writer's Update).

Being an introvert makes it hard around the Holidays. For one, I want to see everyone while they are in town (at least the important ones) but I get so overwhelmed with it all that I often have to seclude myself for a few hours (or a day) to "recharge". I can't go all day talking to people and being surrounded by them (Just going to the store for groceries around this time of year is hard for me because of all the people).

I was made for a solitary life (as all introverts understand). The Holidays are tricky because there is a balance that I have to keep and thinking about it makes my brain hurt. Some writers take a vacation around the Holidays but I don't want to and my characters won't let me. So this is my solution, besides carrying a notebook and writing when I can. That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed it.

Without further to do, Go Be Awesome!


P.s. The reason I'm writing this so late in the day is because of my broken finger. I had to work up the courage (and get the pain under control) before I could even think to write. Thanks for understanding. Also check out the new header **squeals in excitement**. The picture is Kalsita and her Significant other (whom I will not disclose the name of... too many spoilers)