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What Writers Do: Point of View

Last week I talked about Writing Styles and mentioned Point of View, which needed its own blog since it's a larger topic than I had the space to address. Point of view (POV) is simply whose perspective you are reading the story from. There are generally three points of view but there is a fourth that isn't mentioned by many and often times, dismissed by them. 

1.                 First Person:
This is my favorite perspective to write. You watch everything play out from the view of a main character, usually the main character but sometimes it comes from the villain's POV or the Main Character's best friend. You step into the character's shoes. You feel their emotions and you hear their thoughts.
In this POV, the articles are all first-person (i.e. I, me, mine, my, etc.). For an example of this, you can read any my blog Story Snippet blogs (here) and/or most of my Character Introduction blogs (here).
2.                 Second Person:
This POV generally isn't used for fiction writing because it's expository. It's used for debates, legal forms, emails, letters, etc. The articles You, you're, your, etc. are used for this. This is also the POV most bloggers use when talking to you their reader. 
3.                 Third Person:
Third-person is popular and used by many authors and writers. The story is told from the perspective of an unbiased perspective, usually a narrator. This person can be omniscient and know all there is to know or limited. Here's the difference:
The omniscient narrator can see the mind, heart, and thoughts of each person in the story. Some examples of this are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, and The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
The limited narrator, unlike the omniscient, only knows the emotions, thoughts, and actions of one person. Examples of this: The Anita Blake Novel Series by Laurell K. Hamilton, The Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and the Throne of Glass Novels by Sarah J Maas.
I love reading this POV but I have a hard time writing it as seen in my Valentine's post (here) and I had to have a friend help me out on it (Shout to, AJ Sims. You can find his links to the right on your computer). 
4.                 Fourth Person:
This one intrigues me the most. It's a narrative point of view but the narrator has a twisted or biased point of view. Instead of a narrator who is unaffected by the stories plot or has no feeling to any character. This narrator picks one character or group of characters to relate to and consistently lifts them up while bashing the other side. I've thought about writing like this from a Villain's POV after everything has been done and is long passed. Maybe one of my Villain's may get their own story. *hint, hint*
The POV of any story is strictly up to the author. When you're writing be aware that different POV's can evoke different emotions and reactions from the reader. First Person POV usually helps the reader become more invested in the main character and identify more with them, while third-person can sometimes distance them from the story in its entirety. 

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 A Vlog By Kim Chance (One of my favorite Writing YouTubers) 

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Story Snippet: A Broken Redeemer I

Note: I can't believe I'm saying this but today will be my last Story Snippet for Book I of the Born Angel Novels. I'm working on the last few chapters tonight and then it's on to book two before I come back and edit Book I. This will be a shorter snippet due to being so close to finishing that I can't give you more without spoilers. I apologize that this wasn't posted on time but here it is. The last Snippet for A Born Angel, Book I of the Born Angel Novels.

“If you would, please stand as we observe a moment of silence for the fallen warrior of knowledge and dear friend of so many,” Cannon stated as we all stood up. I bowed my head to the ground and tears slipped down my cheeks. When they fell to the stage, the sight of the splattered red tear renewed my fervor to ruin the Master. If I had any fear before, it was gone now. Cannon looked at the crowd again and nodded.

“Thank you. You may be seated,” Cannon addressed the crowd before turning to us. “Now, Class President, Michael J. Spiriter will come and give his speech to summarize the year,” he announced as Michael stood, letting his hand slip from mine. He walked to the podium and I clutched my hands in my lap, watching him stand so tall when he wanted to crumble.

“Good morning and thank you for coming. I had a speech planned for today but in light of current events, I’ve changed it,” he told them, back stiff and aura dark, “Until this year, we never had a murder in the Sky City. Everything seemed perfect but, underneath, a rot ate at the City. We’re years away from our return to earth and we became comfortable with our peace. Now, we know that peace was a lie.”

He paused and I remembered what Packana said about the Master’s presence being the rot that eroded the Preternatural would from the inside out. I couldn’t agree more.

“All of us are scared, and rightly so. We don’t know which one of us will die next or if the mastermind will simply slip back into the shadows. Just when we feel safe again they take another victim, keeping us gripped in fear,” He scanned the crowd and his gaze rested on someone in the crowd, “I urge you to use that fear to fuel you. Protect those that you love. Love like never before. If anything, these murders remind us that we never know when our last day will be. Remember to cherish what you have. Thank you.”

Update: This is actually the first of Book II after Book I grew too long and I split it into two separate books: Book I, A Born Angel and Book II, A Broken Redeemer.

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What Writers Do: Your Writing Style

 Welcome back to the Saturday What Writers Do blogs. Today I’m going to be talking about Writing styles. What makes up a writing style? What is a writing style? Well, let’s tackle this.

A writing style is how you write as an individual. It sets each writer apart and makes your writing unique. It’s the way to dress your writing up or down, depending on your audience. It’s simply the way you write.

What makes up a writing style? Your choice of words, sentence structure, the amount of details, perspective, and dialogue that you write will determine your writing style.

Word Choice:
Do you use simple or complex languages? Is it concrete or abstract? What does a word mean figuratively? What does it mean literally?

Sentence Structure:
Are they long or short? Do you use fragment sentences? Are your sentences usually the same in length or do they vary? Are they simple or more complex?

Details and descriptions:
This is self-explanatory. Do you use lots of description or not much at all? I love descriptive writing. Whether it’s for setting, dialogue, or character description, it doesn’t matter. I eat it up and I write just as much.

This is your point of view. Is it single and personal? Is it third person? Are you the narrator following characters around or did you step into the character’s shoes as the first person? But there’s one point of you many fiction writers don’t take, the second person point of view. There’s also two different types of third person perspective omniscient or limited. I’ll talk about POV next week.

The dialogue of your story shows so much about your characters. It can tell you how they were raised, where they grew up, and how much education they had. The dialogue also shows the attitude of a character. Are they pessimistic, Debbie downers who always complain? Are they blame-shifters? Do they use sarcasm as a natural defense against stupid people or are they too polite? Are they pessimistic and always look on the bright side or are they an opportunist that takes the chance whenever they get it?

Just like dialogue portrays these things about the character, writing shows you these things about the author. All these things add to your writing style and the more you play around with all these ideas, the faster you’ll learn what you like and what you don’t. Developing your individual writing style takes time, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t know what yours is yet.

Come back next week to hear about the writing perspectives or point of view. If you want to read more blogs like this, you can either scroll up to the top and visit the What Writer’s Do page. If you’re interested in reading some of my stories, you can visit the Story Snippets (from my current WIP) or My Character Introduction page for snippets about different characters.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Character Introduction II: An Unhappy Arrangement

**This is not my usual writing style so please keep that in mind as you read this special blog**

“Esca’Troikas –sweetheart–, are you almost done in the shower?” Anya asked, combing a hand through her elbow length, dark, coffee brown hair as she stood at the bathroom door waiting for him. She ran her other hand down the length of the red nightgown she wore, smoothing out any wrinkles in the silky fabric.

On the other side of the door, Justin turned the water off and opened the glass shower door letting the steam out. He wrapped a towel around his waist and rubbed the second towel through his shaggy, tousled hair.
“Yes, Tartas –Love–, is something wrong?” His tenor voice asked in return as he looked at his brown eyes in the mirror. They were bloodshot and he didn’t understand why. He'd gotten enough sleep, didn't he?
He looked at the clock in the corner and sighed. It was time for him to be heading to work and he still hadn’t called his wife, Anna yet. He heard a soft thunk as Anya’s head rested against the door, having heard his thoughts.
“No, I was just thinking about… something,” she responded, he imagined her shifting her weight from one foot to the other, “Are you coming out soon? I made coffee.”
He smiled at the sweet sound of her voice that had intoxicated him when he met her in his teens. If only Anna knew about the affair. What would she do about it? Would she actually want a divorce?
He shook his head and stared himself down in the mirror. He couldn’t do that to their kids. Allistasia would be devastated, as would his adopted daughter Kalista but Braedon and Nicky weren’t even old enough to understand it. He sighed as the smell of freshly ground coffee wafted in through the door.
“Yes, I’ll be out in a minute. I need to get dressed first,” he offered, grabbing the can of shaving cream from the counter.

Anya’s bottom lip jutted out as she heard his thoughts for his family. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t see her or not. Dressing meant that he was leaving her, again.
It always made part of her ache when he left. She never knew when he’d come back to her and it killed her good mood. She shuffled down the hall to the kitchen and stopped to stare out the window above the sink at the lush green valley.
This was becoming more of a hassle than she thought and she needed Anna out of the way. If he wouldn’t divorce her, then she needed to come up with another solution, for both their sake.

He heard her footsteps padding down the carpeted hall as he washed the last of the shaving cream from his face. He dried off before he slipped on his pressed white shirt. He watched himself button it in the mirror and rehearsed what he would say to Anna when he called her on the way to work.
He pulled on his boxers and his pants, tucking his shirt into them. He picked up the red tie that Anna gave him last Valentine’s Day. Wearing it always felt wrong, like a permanent reminder that he was living a lie. He slipped the already knotted tie over his head and tightened it, flipping his collar down. His mind drifted back to Anya and her gold eyes that would be sad when he left.
He put a dollop of gel in his hands and ran it through his hair, taming the waves and slicking his hair back into place. He washed his hands and draped his suit coat over his arm before he walked out of the bathroom, thinking of his lifelong mistress.

Anya’s thoughts of mayhem were interrupted by the opening of the bathroom door. She grabbed the cup of coffee from the counter as He sauntered into the kitchen. He stopped, leaned against the wall, hooked one finger into the collar of the jacket and threw it over his shoulder as she turned to smile at him.
Her knees went weak under his gaze and she forced herself not to shift. Her cheeks colored with blush as she heard his thoughts focusing on her. It was enough to send shivers down her spine and bring the spark back to her depressed soul.

His eyes grazed her. Those long tan, toned, smooth legs looked longer than usual in that short, slinky nightgown. His eyes drifted up the shiny red silk fabric to her face, skipping the fact that she held his coffee. Blush tinged her tan cheeks, complementing her high cheekbones, full lips, and golden eyes.
Her wavy hair was pulled over one shoulder and the ends curled around the right side of her chest. A smile tugged his lips as her eyes met his. Her lips curved into a smile and he sashayed up to her laying his jacket on the counter to free his hands. She set the cup next to his coat and he wrapped his arms around her.
“Good morning, Tartas,” he whispered kissing the tip of her nose. She tilted her head up and captured his lips in a passionate kiss. He gave into the warm of them and the passion he’d never had with Anna. When they pulled back, she bit her bottom lip and he found himself wondering what was wrong again.

“Do you have to go? It’s Valentine's Day. Can’t you stay?” She asked after a few minutes of gazing into his deep amber eyes that always drew her in. He shook his head and kissed her forehead as he pulled away. She watched him pick up his mug from the counter and took a sip with a sigh.
“You know I can’t. Anya, we’ve talked about this,” he countered, taking another sip. She dropped her eyes to his black socks that had red and pink hearts on them, forcing herself not to smile. She’d gotten those socks for him last year and the fact that he would wear them to work made her heart fly. It was little things like this that drew her back to him.
“Can we talk about it again?” She asked, eyes drifting back up to his face, picturing his toned body under the tailored suit. She bit her lip again as she watched his amber eyes flicker with indecision. He set the cup back down on the counter and put his hands on her hips.
“When Bray and Nicky are old enough to understand, I’ll consider talking to Anna about a divorce but not sooner,” he compromised as a hollow ache formed in her chest. She knew that he still loved Anna but she hoped he loved her more and would give her up.

He gazed down at her as different emotions passed across her face. A frown settled on her lush lips and it pained him to see. His every thought was about the woman in his arms, while his wife was only a mental note at the bottom of a page. He’d married out of convenience and to inherit his family’s Council Seat. if he made Anya his wife, his father refused to give him his right as a Tragedy.
Anya had been his love longer than he would willingly admit. He focused on her eyes pushing the thought aside. She placed her hands on his neck and rubbed her thumbs over the smoothness of his jawline as he pulled her closer.
“Justin, I know that Anna is the mother of your children but… maybe we could start a family,” she hinted at the life growing inside her, hesitance clear in the way she avoided his eyes now. His carefully manicured eyebrows squeezed together as he tilted his head, figuring it out all too quickly.

“Ivanya, are you… pregnant?” He asked, voice cracking on the last word as his eyes widened and her stomach curled in on itself. She nodded and bit her lip, waiting for his reaction.
 She’d once made him abuse his wife until she miscarried out of jealousy. Sometimes she regretted it but Anya herself had grown twins and a younger daughter, whom she and her husband, Ephraim hadn’t expected fifteen years ago around the same time Anna birthed her twins, Aiden and Kalista.
 Her throat tightened as she thought about it more. Their decision would split two families, not just his. Her eyes searched his face as a smile curved his lips and new thoughts swirled in his mind. She dropped her hands to his shoulders, knowing those thoughts could lead to him leaving her.
She prepared for him to leave but instead, he pulled her closer to him and kissed her with more passion than ever. She melted into his kiss and his watch beeped.

He groaned at the interruption and pulled back. He glared at the device on his wrist and hit the button to dismiss the alarm.
“I’m sorry, Mi’ Tartas Et’–I love you– but I have to go to work. We’ll talk about this later,” he quickly promised, grabbing his coat as they parted. She leaned on the island as he slipped the coat on and grabbed his mug with the Agency Logo from the counter. He turned to her and she gave a sad smile.
“Don’t worry Anya. I will think about asking Anna for a divorce while I’m at work today. I’ll call you on my lunch break,” he added as he walked to the door. She followed and opened the door for him. He gave her one last kiss and was down the stairs before she could ask him to stay. She leaned against the open door and sighed heavily enough for him to hear.
“Mi’ Tartan Et’,” she called after him as he climbed into his SUV. He blew her a kiss and she shut the door.

He started his truck and her heart plummeted as he pulled out of the driveway. She leaned against the back of the door and set her hand on her barely swollen abdomen with another sigh.
“If he doesn't tell her, we’ll have to make it her idea, T’soulus –beloved child–,” she spoke to their unborn child. She walked off to the bedroom to get dressed and a plan formed in her mind.

 Justin tapped the touchscreen on the console and a cheerful voice greeted him.
“Good Morning Justin, who would you like to call?” The robotic female asked. He thought about calling into work to return to Anya but shook that thought off, knowing he had to call his wife now or he wouldn't do it at all.
“Call Anna Natalia,” he answered her and the phone began to ring. He glanced at the clock, realizing that she might not be up yet.

Anna’s dreams were interrupted by the vibration of her phone buzzing on her pillow. She looked at the time and was surprised to see how early it was. The kids weren’t even up for school yet. What surprised her more was that it was Justin calling. Had something happened at work?
“Hello, Mi’ Tarai. Are you okay? You didn’t come home last night. Did Ramah keep you in the office all night?” The alto voice of his wife asked still groggy from sleep.
She felt a twinge of guilt nagging at the back of his mind before he brushed it aside. She watched him run his free hand through his hair, using her third eye.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Mi’ Tarah. Yes, I was in the office all night. I decided to step out and breakfast when I realized I hadn’t called you last night. I’m sorry,” he apologized as she sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. The sheets rumbled and her ebony curls fell like a curtain to her waist.
“You don’t have to apologize Mi’ Tarai. I know that the Agency can drain your time,” she sympathized in a whisper as she stood up, stretching her arms over her head. She turned back to the bed to find their youngest daughter, Nicky sleeping beside their middle daughter Kalista. Nicky had a nightmare at midnight and crawled into bed with her. At two,  Kalista joined them after having a nightmare of her own.
She heard his blinker as she watched him pull into a drive-through. When she noted the name of the café, her stomach dropped. What was he doing on that side of town? He cleared his throat, drawing her back into the conversation.
“I know, but I miss spending time with you and the kids,” he offered as the taste of copper filled her mouth at the lie. She swallowed hoping to ease the taste and He sighed again, “Let’s go out to dinner tonight.”
Her thoughts stopped and she tiptoed into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. They hadn’t been on a date since the twins were born almost three years ago. There was something going on. Maybe at the Agency.
“Are you sure you can get away from the Agency tonight?” She slipped in, leaning against the vanity. Her intuition nagged at her mind. There was something more going on under the surface and she wondered if he had the courage to ask it outright.
She heard his tires on the pavement as he inched forward in the busy drive-through. His thoughts swirled about what she might be doing and she shoved the thoughts aside.
“Yes, I can get Ramah to let me go early. How about we meet at the Solar Eclipse. We can watch the show and have dinner too. I’ll  all in a favor from the owner and have him reserve a box for us,” he offered, giving her a bit more insight into all of it. They'd never been to the Solar Eclipse together but they both knew Korah, the owner of the dinner theater.
 She heard the distant voice from the restaurant speaker and she pushed down her stray thoughts. She swallowed again and crossed her arm over her chest.
“Sure, I’ll meet you there for the later showing. Kalista will be back from school by then and doesn't have any extracurricular classes today, so she can watch the twins,” she responded a twinge of anxiety making her stomach drop a bit. She waited for him to agree but the line went quiet for a moment too long.
 “I’ll see you then Natty. I… I love you,” he offered before he pulled up to the speaker for his turn. Tears brimmed her eyes at the hesitance in their familiar ending.
“I love you too,” she Managed to her out before hanging up. Her nostrils flared with the coming tears and she sat on the countertop. She leaned back on the large mirror and a small knock stopped her from hysteria. She wiped away the tears that threatened to run down her face and whispered, “Come in.”
She wasn’t sure which one of her daughters it was but she wasn’t surprised when the door opened.

Kalista peered around the door, brushing her thigh-length ebony waves out of her purple eyes as she saw her mom on the counter. When she saw the tears in her eyes, she stepped inside and closed the door behind her.
“What’s wrong, Makumae -mommy-?” She asked coming to stand between her mother’s legs. Anna hugged her close and kissed the top of her head as more tears flowed. Kalista felt her wanting to confide in her but Anna couldn’t bring herself to say what was on her mind, so she dismissed her thoughts.
“Nothing Esca’Troikas, it was just a passing thought,” she breathed into Kalista’s hair. Kalista wrapped her arms around her mother and forced her powers to project down. There was no need to worry Anna by telling her that she had a right to worry. Her marriage to Justin was swiftly coming to an end.

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What Writer's Do: Creativity Vs. Plagiarism

One of my favorite vloggers (@JennaMoreci on youtube -where all her other links are posted on her about page), was recently a victim of Plagiarism and I thought, What better topic for my next blog. She made a video called "10 Things You Should Never Say To A Writer" in March of 2016 (she does use strong language, so advisory for those who don't like that, don't watch), someone took what she said and wrote it into a blog (almost) verbatim what she said. When Jenna found out, she confronted the person on social media asking for them to take it down or credit her in the post, which the person decided to do the former. This was a good response. What better way to contact a blogger than using the medium they employ to get more views?

Anywho, when do we draw the line? Well, here's my viewpoint. Plagiarism is defined as taking someone else's work or ideas and passing it off as one's own. This sparked a thought in my mind. What about Fan fiction and that report you wrote in the fifth grade, where you cheated and took someone else's work without crediting them? This is where we have metaphorically drawn the line in the sand.

For those of you who don't know -I'm betting a scant few- who don't know, Fanfiction or Fan Fiction is fiction about characters or settings from an original work of fiction, created by fans of that work rather than by its creator. It has been a popular form of "Fan Labor", particularly since the age of the internet. (as stated here). It's a way for Fans to deeper delve into their fandom while creating their own writing styles.

Don't judge me for this but I actually started out by writing fan fiction before I knew what fan fiction was back in two-thousand-two when I was ten (this makes me feel old). I wrote a fan fiction about Kari from the show Digimon and it will never see the light of day... I don't even think I have it anymore but in late two-thousand-three or early two-thousand-four, I started a Pirates of the Caribbean fan fiction about Jack's daughter, which I revisited last year and posted a few chapters to (see this link).

Let's move on. Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. This is What Writers Do. We create original worlds, characters, and plots, carefully and painstakingly writing them down for you -our readers and fellow writers- to enjoy. That being said, we frown upon plagiarism but we do enjoy hearing about a well-done fan fiction every now and again, because "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery..." Just remember three important words: Credit the Creator.

We enjoy when you draw (or create) our characters and post it for us to see or when a fanfiction is made because it confirms that we did a good job, if it's credited properly. If not, we become righteously angry. It's a fine balance that needs to be remembered by everyone.

That's all for today and right on time too. Thank you for reading my blog. If you'd like to read more, you can go to my homepage where I have listed my blog series -with links- in alphabetical order on separate pages. Also, there is a Contact Me page where I have listed my social media accounts. Feel free to follow me and comment or direct message me about my blogs, pictures, books, characters, or just to say hi. I enjoy a nice social media message, email and such much more than actual conversations. I can admit that because I'm a proud introvert.

Now, Go be Awsome
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Story Snippet: A Born Angel

 I was silent until we walked into the shady forest near the school grounds and deep inside it. I led him to a group of white birch trees and I sat down removing the keffiyeh.
“Michael, I saw you in the library last week,” I changed the subject as he sat down on the grass beside me. I folded the keffiyeh and set it on his knee. He took my hand before I could pull it back and I looked at his hand holding mine, unsure what to do.
“I saw you too but I couldn't stay. I had a meeting with Mister Highest at the Court House. I heard about your concussion and what the blood demons did to you. I was angry at Freedom for not telling Alli and Claire to turn around, but she was too busy looking out for them,” he rambled and I looked up at his angular jaw and prominent chin. His jaw was taut and a tick had started in one corner.
“Michael, I-”
“No, I need to say this. Aiden was with me when he felt your distress and I was the one who found Justin. He was with my-my… Ephraim’s wi-… Damn it! Why can't I say it?!” Michael exclaimed aura turning red with passionate anger. I set my other hand on his and his aura turned bright white as blushed burned up his neck. “I'm sorry. I don't normally swear like that,” he apologized and I offered him a small smile.
“It's ok. I have a feeling I know what you found. Justin was in the Library and he wasn't alone,” I hinted and he nodded. I pulled my hands from his and ran one through my hair. “They were together again the day you left the library. They didn't know I was there and they still don't know that I know,” I eluded, watching a small ladybug crawl across the grass. He pushed my hair back again and watched my face. The hair on the back of my neck rose and I looked up at his eyes again.
“I'm related to her. I don't like associating with her and I wish she weren't the librarian. It's just her way of keeping tabs on me,” he grumbled, mood souring again. I pulled my hair over the opposite shoulder and began braiding it, waiting for the metallic taste in my mouth, but it never came.
“I'm sorry. It's hard to live with family sometimes. They make dumb decisions that haunt you for the rest of your life, but you need to focus on the bright side. At least you're not living in that madhouse right now,” I joked and he laughed. The melodic sound brightened my mood and carried in the dense forest, bouncing off trees before returning back to us. I began to laugh too and he grinned at me.
“You have a cute laugh,” he flirted with me. I instantly stopped laughing and blush crept into my cheeks. No one had ever flirted with me before and hearing it from my friend’s brother was strange. He'd never shown an interest in me before but I could have missed it. He was usually Mishael and Allistasia’s third wheel, we’d gotten to know each other as acquaintances because of that but it wasn't anything more, was it?
I needed to distract myself. I had to switch the subject quickly. I cleared my throat and thought of Anya.
“Michael, who is Ivanya really?” I found myself asking and he shook his head. He pulled a pack of his back and pulled out a book, the same book he’d checked out last week.
“I can’t tell you about her. She has Metakinesis -mind control, erasing memory, etc- and she uses it to keep her secrets,” he explained, holding the book out to me. I tilted my head to read the title on the spine: The Prophecies and Everything You Need to Know by F. Fate. That was a name I wasn’t familiar with but only a fate would understand prophecy and riddles. 
I put the book in my pack and we walked away from the forest together. His keffiyeh covered my face and his smile was back in place. He glanced at me every few steps and I wasn’t sure why. After two blocks, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into an alleyway.
“Michael, where are we going? The market closes soon,” I told him as the Keffiyeh fell to my shoulders and he pulled me up a flight of metal stairs toward the rooftop. He threw me a grin over his shoulder and I tilted my head. When we crested the rooftop, I saw the sun falling behind the walls of the Underworld Sector in the due west.
“I like to watch the sunset from the rooftops every day. I haven’t missed one in two thousand and two hundred years,” he explained as he let go of my hand and sat down on the edge of the room. I smiled as I watched him gaze into the sunset letting the image burn into my mind. I listened to the dragon’s bray and the phoenix demons harmonizing with them. Sunrise and Sunset were the simplest and yet the most beautiful times of the day.
“Kalista, why does everything tend toward chaos?” he asked voice distant and sad. I took a deep breath of the crisp leaves on the fall breeze and sat down beside him.
“I’ve often pondered that question and the only explanation I’ve found is the fall of man. It threw the entire universe into an ever spiraling journey to utter chaos. Who knew that eating one piece of fruit could start such pandemonium?” I philosophized and Michael looked at me with the straightest face he could manage. I blinked, wondering if I’d upset him. A sparkle flitted through his eyes and I waited for his comment.
“You think Adam would have understood that with his vastly technological and advanced mind but he still decided to eat the fruit she gave him anyway,” Michael answered and we both laughed at that observation. When we calmed down, I noticed a scar on the inside of his left wrist.
“Michael, what’s that burn from?” I asked and he pulled his sleeve down to cover it. I looked into his face and noticed the fear in his eyes. “Did Makuta do that to you?” I asked unable to stop my mouth from spouting what my brain so earnestly wanted to know. He shook his head and I knew he wasn't able to tell me.
We sat there in silence watching the sunset and I thought about the night that was coming. I enjoyed watching the stars more than watching the sunset and I wondered if Michael had ever watched them from my favorite spot. I was going to ask, but then the small voice in mind whispered that I should show him and not tell him.
Keep it a secret like he kept the sunset a secret. It advised and I obeyed. I held out my hand to him and he stared at it for a minute, unsure what I was silently asking for.
“What?” He asked and I grinned. I stood up, removed the keffiyeh, and my red shirt revealing just the corset underneath. He stood there gawking at me while I stuffed them into my bag and he stood up trying to make sense of what I was doing. “Kalista…?”

“Hold this for me and don’t scream. I want to take you to the best place to view the stars,” I explained, throwing the bag at him as the last ray of sunlight settled below the city. He nodded and I set my hands on my hips. “Turn around,” I instructed and he obeyed a bit hesitantly. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Writer's Life

It's February and that means we get to look back on the month and see how we did. Did you quit those resolutions or did you tackle them like a boss? Either way, you made it through January. Only eleven more months of twenty-seventeen. That sounds too short, doesn't it? Anyway, I don't remember what my goals were from the January blog - goes to check - Ok, could I have been any more vague?

With that lack of information, here's what I set out to do in my own mind:

  1. Health goals: I know everyone says this, but... I decided to start exercising on a schedule. I've taken twenty minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to exercise vigorously. I have more energy and have lost a bit of weight, yay! I've also decided to make healthier eating habits. This isn't a diet, just a thought in mind action. I don't eat sweets or pizza as often and I tend to be repelled by soft drinks now and don't like more sugary things (like candy and such). I've taken to eating fruits instead of sweets and I've noticed I feel better. That's number one.
  2. Book goals: I wanted to surpass 100k words in my current WIP and finish it... well at 103k+ I haven't finished it yet, though I'm so close I can taste the ending! 
  3. Blog goals: here's where I failed. Don't get me wrong, I've been good at posting blogs on the right days but not at a given time. I wanted to get my blogs up everyday around noon (Eastern Standard Time) and develop a habit. Sadly, life has been interesting and I've been distracted by my WIP. 

So, on account of that here are my February goals:
  1. Health goals: Keep exercising and eating right. 
  2. Book goals: Finish the first draft of A Born Angel.
  3. Blog Goals: Put the Blogs out at a consistent time on Wednesday and Sundays. (None of this sometimes at noon and sometimes at 11:50 nonesense. 
That's the update as per the moment. I hope you all stay tuned and continue to read my blogs. Thank you for your support. I love hearing from you! Feel free to contact me, all my links are on the Contact  Me page. You can ask me questions about my books, suggest topics for the blog, or ask questions about writing and I will do my very best to answer them. I'm not an expert and don't claim to be, but I'll answer to the best of my ability and knowledge base. 

Thank you so much for reading. Sorry for the typos, time got away from me and My computer is currently running only one program at a time and I'm working on rendering an image for my DeviantArt account. I hope you all have an amazing Super Bowl Sunday, go be awesome. Go Falcons and Patriots, may the best team win. 

Jennifer Williams. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Character Introduction II: Anna Healer

We both stretched preparing for the long run and, as the cart full of people approached we were off like a shot, running through the cobblestone streets of Anolisita toward Stargazers’ Hill. We made it in a record twelve minutes. The endorphins rushed through my system revitalizing and refreshing me. I turned to the earthy patch that was marked for training and sparring, along with the training facility that had an open floor plan so that we could train indoors as well but I didn’t know where to he wanted to begin.

“We'll start with simple defensive maneuvers. I'll attack you and you can defend yourself like you would a thief or a mugger,” he instructed, attacking me head-on. I pushed him back with my telekinesis... He stumbled backward and I clenched my hands at my side to keep myself from moving to help him.

“That's something new. Let me revise my tactics,” he commented walking over to a cabinet that stood by the open entrance to the facility. He took out a normal looking cloak and then slipped it over his shoulders. His body disappeared beneath it, showing the cabinet beyond. My eyes widened and my mind tried to make sense of it. I didn’t know that they kept an invisibility cloak on hand for the more gifted trainees.

“Try to stop me before I touch you,” he instructed, lifting his hood and disappearing to the right of the entrance. I closed my eyes and listened to his footsteps on the grass. He rushed me from behind and I dropped to the ground, sweeping out with my left leg. It took his feet out from under him and he fell back. hood dropping to reveal amused grin.

“You failed to mention that you were already trained. Was Nathaniel teaching you?” he asked without thinking and I forced the thought back. I held my hand out to him and helped him up as the sight of Nathaniel’s body collapsing on the windowsill flitted through my mind. I took a deep breath and then cleared my throat as I wiped my hands on my tunic.

“I asked him to teach me the basics of hand to hand combat but he taught me all he knew. He was the one who discovered my telekinetic power and he taught me to use them to fight and shield myself,” I answered trying to keep my emotions at bay. I was failing completely but Justin didn’t comment on it.

That was one reason I spent more time around my brothers and their friends rather than my cousins and their friends. I wanted to hide and control my emotions not intensify them. It was always a refreshing change of pace to have a coming outburst ignored instead of drawn out.

“You’re already an intermediate or expert at this then. Did he teach you how to use a sword or a dagger?” he logically asked. Nathaniel taught me that too. Was that how every agent of the Council trained? Justin went to put the cloak back and I cleared my head. It wasn't time for questions.

“Yes. He taught me how to use any weapon he could get his hands on. Bow, longbow, sword, knife, dagger, lance, broadsword, and staff among others. Is there anything he didn’t teach me?” I asked trying to sound as humble as I could. He just gaped at me for a moment or two. He shook off his shock and straightened with a thoughtful tilt of his head and scrunched eyebrows. I'd seen several times before and each time made me like him a little more. Butterflies danced around in my chest and I suppressed them as a smile crossed his lips.

“Well, you’ve had more teaching than most Ambassadors and junior agents that have graduated training. The only training you really don’t have is on the field,” he answered honestly. That made me stand a little taller. Nathaniel said that he didn’t have anything more he could teach me. I thought he was being modest. That left a dilemma; what now? He ran a hand through his shaggy hair and thought the same question.

“How about we test your skills in a sparring match and we’ll see if I can instruct you any further?” he answered the thought. I nodded and we did around with each weapon from the staff all the way to the longbow. It took us all morning but I showed him everything I had learned until he admitted that he couldn’t teach me more. .

I taught him a few new things that Nathaniel had learned recently, which surprised me at first. They had been partners and went on every mission together but you were never watching your partner all the time. You simply anticipated the moves they would make so that you could move out of the way in time or in sync with them.

On our last round with the staff, I knocked him down and placed the staff on his chest. He stared up the long pole at me and smiled, face drenched in sweat. I removed my staff and stood back with a nod. Justin stood and tried to catch his breath.

“He taught you everything he knew. I’m surprised,” he paused to wipe the sweat from his face with a rag from the bin by the wall, “Nathaniel told the Council that he wouldn’t take on a student and I see now that it is because he already had one,” Justin commented a little out of breath still. A confident smile curved my lips but it wavered as Ramah Highest and Makuta Spiriter stepped into the circle.

“How about sparring with a seasoned War Veteran?” Makuta asked an overconfident smirk on his lips. I glanced at Justin who nodded his decent and limped toward Ramah, who was waiting to talk with him.

 I held my staff in one hand, feet shoulder-width apart and Makuta manifested a staff out of thin air. I was jealous of that power. As of yet, I hadn’t mastered manifestation but Nathaniel told me that would come when my telekinetic powers matured, so I was patiently waiting for it. Makuta rolled his shoulders and smiled at me like a peacock about to show off for a female.

“Have you ever sparred with anyone besides Justin, Anna?” He asked not wanting to waste time explaining the rules. I squared my shoulders and spun my staff into the opposite hand.

“I have faced Nathaniel many times, Larock on occasion, and Packana –father- once,” I answered him, watching his eyes. He nodded and met my eyes.

We stared at each other’s face and tapped our staffs not the ground in sync three times to start the match. I stood ready, waiting patiently for him to take the first move. He stood unmoving as his aura changed several times until it was settled on contentment.

He lunged, sweeping the staff toward my feet but I blocked the shot trading it for a shot at his head. He brought his staff up then set his staff down and lifted his body up trying to land a kick to my torso. I dropped down and swept his staff out from under him, but he saw it coming. He used his momentum to land on the ground about an inch from where I had been standing. I rolled and went to stand, but he tried to hit my back with the length of his staff. I jumped up doing a perfect backflip over his staff.

“You’re very good at anticipation and flawless in your movement but you need to come back with harder attacks,” he instructed. When I landed, I shoved my staff into the ground pushing my telekinetic power behind it, which threw him toward, and into, both Ramah and Justin. I winced knowing that wasn’t the intended effect, though it accomplished exactly what I had set out to do, which was to attack with force.

“Well played Anna. Next time beware of helpless onlookers. Some enemies may decide to use them against you,” Ramah’s voice instructed from underneath Makuta. Makuta teleported to me and I had to block his shot at my chest. I retaliated, hitting his chest dead center but he only moved an inch. I tilted my head to one side and reached out with my telekinetic power, finding his telekinetic shield. My eyes widened and I blinked before he took another shot at my head.

 I dropped and rolled off to the side. He went for a killing blow down the center of my body but I brought my staff up to block it. His staff turned into a sword half way down and cut through the wooden staff but I manifested a shield just in time. The shield caught the blow, broke with a burst of energy, and sent him flying backward into the open cabinet of weapons.

When the cabinet buckled and cracked, I jumped up in one flowing movement and turned to it. Makuta was limp, crumbled inside the cabinet and he was bleeding profusely. Justin and Ramah started to lift him out of the cabinet as I ran to them pulling my healing powers out of hiding and enhancing them with the adrenaline that coursed through me.

“Lay him face down on the ground,” I instructed, digging up everything Packana had taught me about emergency healing. They obeyed without question and I set my hands on either side of his face, slowly turning it so his face wasn’t in the grass. I knelt beside him, moved both hands to his back where the blood was seeping out and let my power flow out of them while Justin and Ramah watched from a few feet away.

I felt his wounds healing and the molecules of his skin mending. In that moment, as my power restored his body, I knew everything about him. When he was healed I backed away slowly trying my best not to panic as moment after moment of his life flashed before my eyes and I couldn’t control which moments I saw, perfect, sultry, or morbid.

This was not normal. Usually, nothing happened when I healed someone. How was Makuta different from the others? A memory of him being held by a tan skinned woman with red-brown eyes appeared in my mind. Then one of him pledging himself to Lucifer as the fallen angel told Makuta that he was a born angel.
That was the difference. He was a Born Angel, and not as human as the Spirits, who were only three-quarter Angel at most. I had almost killed him. That should be impossible.

To kill any angel, you had to be at least half angel and I was only a little less than that at best. I almost killed an angel and in trying to mend his body, I learned everything about him from the time he was born until now. How is that possible?