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SWTOR Character Introduction: Jen'Ari

The woman sauntered into the immense, darkly lit citadel and removed the hood of her cloak. How many times had she walked into this building as an apprentice to Darth Baras? Today, it felt different. Today, the Galaxy was on the brink of another war. Today, she had a way to flee all of it and leave the Empire and the Republic to squabble without having to fight beside either one.

"The Wrath of the Galaxy, it's been a long time," A gruff voice called to her and she glanced at the Pureblood Sith who stood near the center atrium. Darth Vowrawn was a Dark Council member and had been in the position since before she was born and he would still be once she died unless someone killed him first.

"Darth Vowrawn, it has been some time... Thirteen years ago you saw Darth Marr and I to the spaceport when we left for the unknown regions of the galaxy. I didn't hear from you again until Empress Acina joined the Alliance. She mentioned that you were the one who advised her to join us," the Wrath greeted, moving to stand beside him. He bowed his head to her and she smiled at the familiar Darth who she helped at the Battle of Corellia and again on Rishi. She was glad that at least one of the Dark Council members from her days as an apprentice was still alive.

"I did. When you were the Wrath of the Emperor, you were an invaluable ally. Empress Acina spoke highly of you as well but she also thought you were foolish for not returning to the Empire when the war ended ten years ago," He advised and she smiled at the aged Sith noting the wrinkles and crevices that lined his tentacled face. She nodded and sighed.

"It wouldn't have been the same. My blade longs to be soaked in the blood of my enemies and what better place to do that then the unknown regions and for my own Empire," She rhetorically asked, giving another excuse as to her absence in the Empire but the Darth knew better.

"You cannot fool me, Lord Jen'Ari. You've been affected by the War more than anyone else I know. Working alongside the Jedi affected you more than it did Empress Nox," Vowrawn hinted as Jen’Ari blinked at him. This was news to her. She and Jen'Asha Kallig, renamed Darth Nox had been Acolytes on Korriban and they had fought together when they were taken by Emperor Valkorian thirteen years ago. She didn't know what had happened to the Darth but Acina wasn't a weakling.

"Did Acina die?" She questioned, unsure of what she was hearing.

"Yes, unfortunately. Empress Acina went to her stronghold on Yavin IV. She went with a handful of her Imperial Guard. Three days later, she called Darth Nox and her apprentice Eros to her stronghold. When they arrived, she lay dying. She and her guard were attacked by a group of Massassi while exploring the caves on the Planet's surface and Darth Nox, Jen'Asha became Empress Jen'Asha that selfsame day," he told her the tale and she shook her head, setting one hand to her chin.

"That's not possible. Was Empress Acina wounded in any way before she left? She could have taken on a Massassi without flinching and her guard was more than capable of handling it. What..." Jen'Ari began, trying to make sense of it.

"Lord Wrath, are you questioning the words of the Emperor?" a male voice echoed from behind her. It held dominance and rank but it lacked the dark side force energy to back it up. She turned to find the Emperor's Apprentice, Eros behind her. She set both hands on her hips and stared at the dark-haired human teenager, who she knew had been drummed out of the Jedi order by her friend and the Hero of Tython, Master Kael Rishond. Eros had once been a promising Jedi but the war with the Eternal Emperor had tainted him too much.

"No, I am merely questioning the facts of the tale. I came to speak with the Empress Acina. She and I had a meeting about the current situation," I offered and a grin spread across his pale features. Twisting them as his eyes glowed with that unnatural Sith orange that Jen'Ari once prized.

"What current situation? The Empress Nox is going to war with the Republic. I didn't realize that was a situation," Apprentice Eros grinned and Jen'Ari's anger burned in her chest. How could Jen'Asha decide something so crucial without first asking the advice of the Dark Council? Jen'Ari turned to Vowrawn and her eyes glowed with the red-orange fire once more.

"This is the first I've heard about it," He quickly defended himself against the more powerful former Sith. Jen'Ari stalked off, leaving the fearful Darth and the conniving apprentice to get to the root of the problem.

"You can't just walk in there," Eros called to her and she ignored him. If Jen'Asha... Empress Nox thought she could take over and immediately go to war, she needed to be taught a lesson or removed from her post.

An Imperial Guard stood at the door to the Throne room and he stepped aside for the former Wrath, knowing what she would do to anyone who stepped in her way. She may have been the Leader of the Alliance and now the Empress of the Alliance of Zakuul, but that didn't mean that the Empire had forgotten the things she had done during the wars she'd fought.

Jen'Ari stalked up to the doors and two Imperial Guards stepped into her way. They were older than the first and had served Empress Acina before this. Jen'Ari set her hands to her belt, inches from her sabers and met the eyes of the male.

"Stand down or I will cut you down," She growled, her voice deeper than before and seething with Dark Side energy that thrived here on Dromund Kaas. The Imperial guard swallowed a lump in his throat and shook his head.

"We can't do that, not even for the Wrath," The Guard replied and in an instant her blades were in her hands. They ignited and She held them to either side of the taller man's throat like a pair of scissors. His fellow guard ignited her electro staff and Jen'Ari glanced at her. The female crumpled to the floor, screaming in agony as she grabbed her head. The Wrath turned her red gaze back to the male and glared up at his face, sabers inches from decapitating him.

"I say again. Stand down or I will cut you down. I don't need a reason," She growled at the male. He stared at her face and paused for a moment as if listening to another voice.

"The Empress will see you," he responded curtly, voice audibly shaking. She deactivated her sabers and they floated back to their hooks on her belt. The girl stopped screaming and panted on the floor, sweat dripping down her face.

"Do not challenge me again," The Wrath threatened before she pushed through the doors and into the throne room. Ready to face Empress Nox and kill her if it came down to it. Jen'Ari would not let the Empire fall to ruin because one Sith Sorcerer was letting her new position go to her head.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Illustration & Story Snippet: SWTOR II

 (This is actually a Full chapter of book Two of my SWTOR series that I've titled, the New Jedi. Enjoy! If you do like it, leave a comment and let me know. Thank you!)

The Jedi Master sat on the floor, knees bent, and the bottoms of her feet pressed against each other. Her long ash brown hair was loose and pooled on the floor behind her and her droids sat watchfully on either side. This would take immense concentration and she couldn't afford anyone interrupting her.

Before her sat a Holocron, one that she'd spent years searching for and now the time had come to unlock it. She held the Noetikon of Science in her right hand and her double-bladed saber staff in her left hand, prepared for battle if any unsavory characters disturbed her. She set the backs of her hands on her knees and closed her eyes, focusing on the blue and gold Holocron.

Her breathing deepened, the Noetikon lifted from her palm, and then the Holocron levitated. The Master herself rose off the floor as well, hovering there as she opened the Holocron for the first time. The small triangles on each corner of the cube twisted before moving outward. The sides of the box began to come apart moving away to reveal the memory crystal inside.

The Master focused on that crystal listening to it speak to her as if it were another person. Flashes of the recorded memory played in her mind. Her nose scrunched, her lips thinned, and her eyes danced across their closed lids as she took in the scene.

Lightsabers clashed, thunder rumbled overhead, and lightning flashed across the sky illuminating the combatants. Five people, four force wielders fought against the Eternal Emperor, Valkorian. As the sabers met, she began to see who the others were.

She instantly recognized Arcann whose hair was practically shaved to show off the scars that covered half of his face and his eyes that were now blue but had once been Sith orange.  What brought him to the point that he would fight against his father?

The second being wore complete black and her eyes were permanently the glowing Sith orange. This was Vaylin, the Emperor's daughter and the most corrupted Sith that the Master had ever met. Her eyes were dim and her body almost transparent. She was dead by this point but her force ghost still lived on.

Next was a woman with long red hair that matched her natural red eyes and the Tattoos that were etched into her forehead, biceps, wrists, and ankles. The Master had fought beside her when they had joined sides to fight the Revanites on Yavin IV decades ago. She was Jen'Ari, the Wrath of the Empire, who had been taken by Valkorian at the start of, what was now known as the Eternal War.

As she gazed at the last face, her heart beat raced and she dipped down before returning to her levitating. This was another Jedi Master, one she had trained beside on Tython and helped her on many missions, including the trip to Yavin IV. He was known best as the Hero of Tython but she called him by his name, Kael Rishond. He was Captured in the same battle as Jen'Ari.

The meditating Master Jedi hadn't seen Jen'Ari since the War ended twenty years ago and it'd been at least Six years since she saw Master Rishond. Watching them fight Valkorian, the man who had singlehandedly tortured her mind and body when he'd captured her during that selfsame battle was too much. She pulled her mind from the crystal and heard her droids beeping furiously at someone. She and the Holocron rested once more on the floor and the Noetikon drifted back down to her palm.

She opened her eyes and gazed at her unwanted visitor. It was her Padawan, Leona, a half Chiss half human with light blue skin, white hair, and light blue almost white eyes. She was strong in the force and the Master had offered to train her even though she was no longer an official part of the order.

"Que.... I mean Master Organa," she stammered obviously distressed by some news, "I'm sorry to disturb you but I need your help," she spoke softly but the Master sensed her Padawan's urgency. The Master stood, levitating the Noetikon and Holocron to their place on a nearby shelf before she hooked her saber to her belt.

"Don't apologize. I was done. What is it you need?" she asked, keeping her head clear and her mind focused on the present.

"It's Master Rishond. He's taking you up on your offer. He and Master Dacol are on their way here with a group of younglings. The Senate denied their appeal to rebuild the temple on Coruscant," Leona explained. Master Organa stared at her unblinking. She forced down her swirling emotions as Valkorian's death at the hands of Master Rishond flashed in her mind. She nodded to Leona and took a deep breath.

"Then we must prepare for their arrival. It won't be long and..."

"I see she found you," A deep voice interrupted from the doorway to her left. Master Organa turned and there in the doorway, wearing the same tan and maroon outfit that he had worn for decades was Master Kael Rishond. "Sorry I didn't Holo ahead. I wanted to surprise you," he offered, ambling toward her. She turned to her Padawan and nodded once.

"Leona, you may go. Take Master Dacol and the group to the Summer Palace and see that they have everything they require. Master Rishond and I need to go over some things." The padawan bowed to each of them and walked out of the room. Master Organa looked up into the tan face of her friend and noted the way his crooked nose brought attention to his amber brown eyes.

"It's nice to see you again, Ja'Yasha. Your Padawan is very chatty, unlike her sister, Wil'ja. Leona mentioned that you were made Queen of Alderaan after the Thule King was killed a few months back. You seem to be handling your new roll well," He offered. Ja'Yasha sensed a tinge of emotion to his words. It was strange, almost jealousy but not quite.

"And you. Jedi Master and keeper of the Dark Secrets." He stiffened at this and met her eyes. "I still talk with Grand Master Satele. She visits from time to time, checking in on Leona and me. She mentions you every time she visits."

"I see," he stated, moving to the shelf where the two artifacts sat. "She rarely mentions you. Must be that she's preoccupied..."

"I can see why she would be. Savion is a promising Padawan and she is doing her best to treat him like she would any other Padawan." The mention of their son caught his attention again and he turned back to her. "Savion mentions you often as well. He said that you have two padawans now..."

"Yes, I do. Wil'ja is soon to be knighted and Dinora'en needed a Master." he casually dismissed her coming argument but she smiled at his quick words. He always spoke before he thought around her. It was truly refreshing.

"I see." she paused and walked over to her desk picking up her outer robe from the chair. "That's a dangerous path to walk Kael. Many masters have gone insane from it." She put her arms in the long sleeves pulling her almost floor length hair from it with ease and leaving the front open.

"I know. I meditated for days before I chose it. The force has a will of its own." he noted her outfit and blinked a few times. "You were meditating before Leona came in, weren't you?"

"I was and before you say it..." she took the step to close the distance between them "... It's good to see you, too, Master Kael."


Holocron made by CrimsonNight

Droids made by Vanishing Point INC

Lightsaber and Noetikon made by me.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What Writers Do: When Things Go Wrong

Yes, this is a What Writers Do blog. I've decided that whenever I have a topic that has pushed me out of my comfort zone in my normal writing routine that I'm going to write about it. Some of you already know this, but now you'll hear the full story. Recently, I've had one of these moments and have been reeling ever since, trying frantically to fix the problem but it is now completely hopeless. Let me start at the beginning. Warning: This will be long and "Rant" worthy.

Last week... or was it two weeks ago? -Looks back through emails- Nine days ago today, I decided that I wanted to listen through my Star Wars the Old Republic novel which I worked on for Nanowrimo only to find out that the document, and the folder it was in, were deleted from my dropbox. All sixty thousand words that had been written are gone. To say that I was upset is putting it mildly.

I didn't wait a solitary minute. I frantically opened my old computer, searched the entire hard drive (both with the search bar and manually), and came up empty. I then grabbed my handy-dandy tablet (Thank you MS Word and Apple for keeping a record of when things were last accessed). I was able to determine where it had been stored and when I last opened it. It had indeed been on my dropbox and the last time I opened it was in January. Three months before it was deleted.

Since I am a paying customer of DropBox, I have a thirty-day timeframe where I can go back and restore a file.  Problem is, at that point, I had no idea when it was deleted. I went to the DropBox chat. I talked to an informative (yet unhelpful) employee at headquarters and he found out when it was deleted. I went back to that date on my Events page (where every "event[: deleted, changed, or moved documents] are noted) but there was no event for that day (Expect me writing in A Born Angel).
Now, after talking to the employee for three hours (Between 4 and 7 am), I was told that he could do nothing for me without the event link (to which there was none because I did not delete the file). So, after we stopped chatting, rather abruptly because I was "Upset", I received an email. This took me from upset to Emotion because the email stated: "the transcription of our chat" was not saved since the chat was terminated early, which it might have been because he told me that an email would be sent after the chat was closed, so I took that as being done.

I replied to the email with a bit less tact than I should have but the phraseology I used made a point. I was not just upset, now I was distraught. What Author, Teacher, or Anyone else wouldn't be upset that their document that they spent countless hours writing suddenly was "deleted." After an hour of crying and cursing the name of Dropbox, I had a little rant session on Twitter then went to sleep.

I need to stop here and say a huge Thank you to my BFF's Hannah and AJ who both consoled me and offered to do things with/for me to cheer me up. Thank you both, for being there/here when I needed/need you. You both made that day so much better. I love you both!

Now: nine days, Seventeen emails talking to a higher up at Dropbox, and three crying sessions later, I've come to terms with a few things...

1) I will never get those words back.

This means I lost:
  • 60k words
  • Countless Scenes that I will not be able to regurgitate verbatim
  • A month's work of writing
  • Plus, whatever else was in that Folder. 
2) I will have to start over.
  • I don't have to start from scratch (See the Next point)
  • But I will have to rewrite 98 % of it.
  • This may mean that things change for some characters and some scenes may be scrapped completely. 
3) Thank the Lord that I was able to find a few pieces parts that I posted/sent to friends and critique partners.
  • I grabbed the first two chapters (first rough draft versions that I had edited a few times) from my Nano blogs (PTL that I put them on here for y'all to read.) (2,477 words)
  • I copied and pasted some random snippets I sent to AJ over Facebook Messenger (1k maybe)
  • I also had a folder on my OneNote Account that had snippets, book blurbs and other such things in it. 
  • I did save the cover photo that AJ worked up for me in November(2016) and A few other renders of different scenes. 
  • I have a Secret Pinterest board with a few random scenes that I wrote on a handful of pins and copied onto it later in the story.
Overall, not a total loss. It could have been worse. I could have lost absolutely ever little scrap of the Old Republic Era and had to start over from scratch. I still wish I had that story back.

The lack of precaution that Dropbox has in place for things like this is very scary. I didn't even know it was deleted until two months after the fact and Dropbox has done nothing to make up for the error. They went so far as to say it was the fault of a third party app... Even though I've never had anything like this happen before to anything else on anywhere else.

That bother's me but I don't want anything. I can't get my story back and that's all that mattered to me.
At the very least, there needs to be a system that emails you when a file is moved or deleted so that you can correct it if something like this happens. I hate to think that this has happened to someone else's priceless work but I wasn't going to stay silent any longer.

Lessons to learn from this:
- Back up ALL your documents to an external harddrive.
- Check up on your files monthly.
- Never trust a file saving website. Always, always have it backed up.
- Be thankful for the friends who are always there when you need them. (and don't take them for granted).

That's all for today,
(Sorry if that was more of a rant)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Story Snippet: Star Wars The Old Republic

(Because I've been writing the end of Book II for the Born Angel Novels, I'm going to post a snippet from one of my Old Republic Series. Enjoy!)

She walked into the large facility, having already felt for any beings through the force. The only thing she found were robots. It was not her day. All she needed was to get in, grab the chancellor, and get out again.

“Easier said than done Jen’jidai,” she reminded herself, trying to keep a level head. A Security camera whirred to life and she looked straight at it. Please, let this be a soft minded fool. She willed the force but there was no way to know.

“Who are you?” A slimy voice asked and she recognized the accent. He was a Neimoidian. This just got worse. She faced the camera and crossed her arms over her chest, keeping her cloak in place.

“That is none of your concern. I’m here for the chancellor. You can give him up or I’ll take him and leave your facility in ruins,” she bargained, not giving him any room to move. The camera zoomed in on her face but the hood blocked their view.

“Give me your name or I’ll send the droids down,” the slime of a being threatened. She rolled her eyes and tugged the cloak off. She swore she heard an audible gasp as the guard took her in again.
She was a short Five foot six with long raven hair, shaved on one side, and pale skin that was accented by orange eyes. She wore custom made Mandalorian armor and had a lightsaber on each hip. To anyone who heard tell of a Sith turned Mandalorian, she was instantly recognizable. The camera zoomed out again and he scoffed.

“I think I’ll take my chances,” he decided. She arched her eyebrows and pulled her lightsabers to her hands with the force. He gasped but she didn’t give him time to recant. She activated her lightsabers and sent one spiraling towards the camera as the alarms blared in her ears. It was the last mistake that Neimoidian would make.

The camera sizzled and the Neimoidian hit the holocom on his desk. He had to get through to the commander. He needed to know that there was a Sith heading his direction.

“What is it Wrydd? I told you not to interrupt unless the facility was under attack,” the seasoned veteran’s gruff voice sent chills down Wrydd’s mucus-covered skin. The laughing of the troops filtered through and Wrydd cleared his throat.

“Commander Skywalker, we are under attack…” a table tipped over and bottles broke as they hit the ground.

“By whom?” Makta Skywalker asked, leaning into the holo, showing off his bare chest. Wrydd wrung his hands and shrugged, knowing this would get him a verbal lashing from the unpleasant human. “What do you mean,” he shrugged and Wrydd gulped, “How can you not know?”

“She walked right in the doors. Must have had some kind of security card or maybe she sliced in but the sensors didn’t pick her up until she was inside…” The senior officer raised his hand and Wrydd froze, suddenly chilled in the hot office.

She… Our intruder is female,” he questioned. Wrydd nodded and Skywalker’s communicator flew through the air and Wrydd’s holo died as it hit the wall. Wrydd turned from the desk and rubbed his temples, his vertical eyelids closing and opening to keep them moist under the stress of Skywalker’s anger.

“I wasn’t hired for this. I need to ask to be reassigned,” he mumbled to himself. He watched the security cameras and gawked at the efficiency at which this lone assailant took down his entire security force and the cameras. “She’s only one girl. How can she do so much damage?” he muttered, eyes becoming dry even though he was blinking furiously. A door whirred open and the Commander stalked through it in full uniform.

“What did she look like?” Skywalker asked, going straight to the security console. Wrydd pointed to the camera that was in the same room as the elevator that would take her to this hall. “You Nerf Herder. What did she want?”

“Sh-she said some-something about a Chan…”

“Chancellor Nadil Korvac. She’s a bounty hunter. Wrydd you worthless womp rat,” Skywalker groaned before running to the main controls. Wrydd quickly followed, unsure he’d heard correctly.
“But she carries the blades of a Sith and her eyes are that unnatural color,” Wrydd pointed out. Skywalker pushed him aside and hit the button that killed the elevator that Jen’Jidai had boarded.
The elevator slammed to a stop and she groaned. The force definitely wasn’t with her on this venture. Wasn’t it enough that she took this job without the pay?

 “Why can’t things be easy, just once?” she asked activating one of her sabers again, illuminating the now dark space. She moved it toward the ceiling and the communicator on the panel buzzed.

“Stop! This is all a misunderstanding.” A voice called from the speaker overhead. She paused with her saber an inch from the ceiling. This was a different voice, maybe even a smarter individual. She scrunched her eyebrows and deactivated her saber again.

“Convince me,” she offered, looking at the blue light.

“My name is Commander Makta Skywalker formerly of the Republic, now helping the resistance here on Dantooine. If you want the Chancellor, then you can have him,” He conceded. She tilted her head to one side. Skywalker. She’d heard that name a lot recently and it was never with this amount of cooperation. He was a stalwart General of the Republic Army or at least he had been.

“Commander Skywalker, why should I trust you?” she returned, thumbs hovering over the buttons on her lightsaber.

“Let’s just say that I’d rather have the Chancellor off Dantooine. He’s been a royal pain ever since he arrived and if the Sith weren’t hot on his tail, I would have refused his request to stay,” he honestly replied. She could hear the annoyance in his voice and she thought about it for a good long minute.

“I want to talk with you in person first. Let the elevator come up and we can talk about this like civilized individuals,” she bargained, hoping the force would aid her in this endeavor. The com cut off and the elevator powered on again. She holstered her sabers and stretched her hands. She didn’t need her sabers to inflict maximum damage. Her lightning would fry him to a crisp if he decided to go back on his word.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Illustration & Story Snippet: The Piano

I was the last one into the house. I set my purse down on the bench beside the door and walked upstairs, listening to their laughter as they talked about life. How can they talk about life when there was so much death? I questioned.

At the top of the stairs, I stopped at my door and a glimmer of light caught my eye. I turned to see the sun glistening off the piano in the music room across the hall. I hadn't played the piano in ages it seemed. I was drawn to it and I gave into its pull. I opened the glass pane french doors and ambled over to the piano in a daze.

It was covered in a light layer of dust. When was the last time Stella played the piano? I thought, knowing I hadn't played her piano since I moved in three weeks ago. I manifested a cloth and cleaned the dust from the keys and music stand before laying it over one end.

I opened the bench and pulled out some of the music I'd written for Makumae two years ago. I didn't need it but I set it on the stand anyway. I sat down, put my fingers to the ivory, and took a deep breath. I closed my eyes and let my fingers stroke the keys from memory. It was natural and light but quickly descended into a dark lullaby that swirled with mystery before ascending into an aria.

I'd written it to mirror her life. The beginning light and innocent. The middle dark and mysterious. The end grand and bright. That didn't seem right now. Not now that she was gone. I transitioned back into a darker, deeper symphony and tears began to flow down my face.

Yes, this was how the song should end. The same way her life did.

(As with every picture. You may share it and now I even have an "official" mark on the bottom. If you do share it, please don't remove the marking. Thank you.)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Writer's Life: May/June 2017

It's a week into June and I haven't done this blog yet... I'm behind in pretty much everything. I know this is the wrong day for it but at least I'm getting it  done.

In Review:
-Health Goals:
To relax... I've done a lot of that this month due to my body hating me on top of all the wacky things my body is doing to me. I can say that I've been relearning my own body and it's very frustrating.

-Book Goals:
This didn't get done. I know I've been talking a lot about finishing Book II but I haven't finished it yet. I'm at 142K words and have about five thousand or so still to write. I'm coming super close to the end though and then I need to get back to Book I and edit it so that my Critique partners can look it over.

-Blog goals:
This one was a total fail. With the new meds and the crazy sleep schedule I've been keeping recently I didn't get any of the... okay, I got two out on time but the rest were either late or none existent. This is a failure on my part and I apologize.

Now for new goals.

  1. Health:
    To continue to figure out my body and what the heck is going on with it since the new meds have completely thrown it out of wack. 
  2. Book Goals:
    The same as last time. Finish Book II and possibly start editing Book I. 
  3. Blog Goals:
    Alright, I've started a new Saturday Blog as I was running out of ideas for What Writers Do For Their Stories and I've been itching to show you all the illustrations for my books. So, that being said, I'm going to switch up the schedule a little bit. New Schedule is as follows.

    Saturdays - Illustration and Story Snippet
    Wednesdays - Story Snippet (no Picture) or Character Introduction
    I hope to post them between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
    I'm giving myself a bigger window because lately I get to bed anywhere between 4 and 7 a.m. and wake up between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. which isn't conducive to writing a blog and getting it out by Noon.
     Anyhow, that's life at this point. I've been writing more, sleeping less, and trying to figure out which way is up most days. I'm also dealing with a high amount of pain that comes along with the body issues so please bear with me as some days I can't function at all. 

    Thanks for the understanding and for reading. I hope you have an amazing day. Go be awesome.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Illustrations and Story Time: Book III

**Warning: This is rather graphic and I'd rate this PG13 due to the blood, gore, and violence but here we go anyway.**
I sat in the dark corner with wide eyes, watching in horror as he cut into her almost lifeless body and removed their child from her womb. It saw darkness for first time and he cradled it to his chest. It didn't cry and I knew it wasn't breathing. She hadn't been far enough along for its lungs to be developed.
"Choose one, Charka Aknobas (Broken Redeemer). You can save her or you can save the child," he bargained. I stared at the baby in his arms and forced myself to answer him.
"If the baby lives, what will happen to it?" I asked, hesitating. The Master simply shrugged, flicking his salt and pepper hair from his face as he stroked the babies face.  
"One never knows. The baby carries my DNA. It may grow up to be just like me or it may turn out like Makuta: A waste of potential," he insulted his oldest son. I stood on shaking legs and held my hands out for the baby. He placed the tiny, fragile form in my arms and I pushed my healing fire into it's body, finishing the development process. He watched at my side as the baby opened it's eyes.
"It's what Kat would have wanted," I reminded myself. The babe began to breathe on it's own as her mother and my best friend in the world died. I cradled her to my chest, manifesting a blanket around her to keep her warm as tears blurred my vision. 
"Would Katerina really want that? Let the Master's child live in her place? It doesn't make sense to me," He asserted. He reached for his daughter and I backed away throwing up a shield of purple electricity around us. 
"Kat said that you ruined her and she made me promise to save her baby. This is my last gift to her," I declared. His eyes glowed orange as he hit the shield and jumped back swearing profusely. He fell to his knees as the pain crippled him and he met my eyes. 
"You can't take my child from me," he growled through clenched teeth. I nodded and stared him down, determined to save the baby girl from the life he'd made. 
"I can and I will B'aktano (demon/bastard)," I vowed before teleporting away from him and to Makumae's (mom's) living room. A gasp sounded to my left and I whirled around to see that I wasn't alone. Standing in the hallway was Makumae, Director Ramah Highest, Justin, Belenus Celt and Hades Olympia.  
I always knew I'd be caught red handed. I just didn't realize it would be literal and that I would be holding the last connection I had to my best friend in my arms, but somehow, the Master knew. He knew I'd be caught doing something like this and I cursed his name for being right.