Saturday, July 29, 2017

Illustration and Story Snippet: An Angel Falls

Announcement: I finished the first draft of A Broken Redeemer this week!!! I'm so excited. This next week I'm going to print it and A Born Angel so that I can hardcore edit them but, in the meantime, I'm working on the outline of Book III: An Angel Falls. So, this scene comes from it. Enjoy!

- The Dream Sequence -

I stood in the middle of a rickety pier and looked back at the buildings engulfed in purple flames. I didn't remember what made me burn them but I knew I had done it. I'd started that fire. No natural fire burned that hue of purple. It was my fire, the fire that matched the glow of my telekinetic power. What happened?

"Kalista, it's alright," A chilling voice called from behind me. I whirled around, heartbeat racing, and the pier shifted. There was a man... No, a fallen angel standing at the end of the pier. His gray hair was the color of ash, his blue eyes glowed green around the edges, and his face looked so familiar. The hair on the back of my neck bristled and I manifested a spire of fire in my left hand. He took a step back with both hands up like metaphorical white flags.

"Kalista, I'm not here to hurt you," he stated coolly, through the panic I saw coloring his aura a bright orange. A metallic taste coated my mouth and I scrunched my nose at the smell of rotting flesh, which warned me that he'd lied. I snarled at the angel and sweat beaded on his upper lip. "We can talk about this."

"No, we can't. Get away from me or I swear that I'll..."

"You'll set me on fire? Come now, we both know that didn't work last time," He interrupted me taking another step back. One more step and he'd fall into the lake. My eyes drifted to what I thought was water but the thick red liquid danced in the flickering firelight. That wasn't water. My eyes shot back to his face and my fire shrunk down to an inch in my palm.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, paling at the thought of hurting someone with my fire, even someone evil.

"You don't remember." He let out a nervous laugh and a shiver ran down my arms. My fire grew, warming my suddenly cold limbs. "I wondered why you didn't attack me on sight..."

"Should I have?" I growled manifesting another spire of fire in my right hand and I took a step toward him. Wings sprouted from his back and he flew backward, over the lake. My spires grew until they were taller than me and I glared up at him.

"Kalista, calm down. Come with me and I'll tell you what you want to know," he sincerely offered, holding one hand out to me. I vaguely recalled him saying this to me before and it intrigued me. I didn't remember the woman and the angel who said they were my parents. Why do I remember this Angel? "Because I was the last person you spoke to before you passed out and the ritual took full effect," he answered the thought and I threw one of the spires at him. He dodged and disappeared as another voice called to me from the smoke in the distance.

"Miss Angelic, you need to wake up sweetie. I brought you breakfast," A sweet female voice spoke. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again she was there. The woman who claimed to be my mother. Her loose dark brown curls were swept behind her shoulders, showing off her elegant facial structure, and her sapphire eyes. If she really was my mother, why didn't I recognize her?

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