Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Story Snippet: A New Path (SWTOR)

 (There is a picture/illustration that goes along with this particular chapter on my Deviant Art Page (here). Since it's not a Saturday, I'm just going to link you to it.) 

Ankyla walked into the dimly lit apartment and dropped her hood, pulling her long red hair that was slowly turning black out of her cloak. She'd fled Dromund Kaas not five hours ago and the effects of whatever Darth Dinii had done were already manifesting. Her skin was paling, her eyes were Dark Side orange, and her limbs were turning black.

What has Dinii done? Ankyla thought as she looked around the high-rise apartment and concentrated on the present. Where is Master Zan?  There was no one to be seen in the apartment. She’d never met Master Zan before but she’d holo-ed before she jumped to hyperspace. They’d never met. Master Zan was her contact here in Republic space and she didn’t know what else to do.

An astromech droid rolled into the room and Ankyla froze. It was a T3 unit, standard military issue and older then Ankyla by many decades. The Unit’s eye whirred as it zoomed in on her features. The eye focused on her clothing, then the lightsaber in her left hand, before it met her eyes.

 It whirred and beeped angrily and Ankyla's fear mounted. She ran through the words of the Jedi code in her mind and her fear calmed enough for her to take a solid breath. A door whooshed open on the cross hall and the T3's cylindrical head spun around to face whoever it was.

"T3, calm down. It's probably just the Jedi Knight who..." the woman's voice fell away the moment she saw Ankyla. She finished tying her outer robe into place and pushed her red hair back behind her ears. Her purple eyes wandered over Ankyla, focusing on her face.
Master Ra’en Zan wasn’t surprised by Ankyla’s dark clothing that covered her from shoulder to foot or the lightsaber in her hand. What struck her were the young knight’s features. Her skin was so pale it was almost translucent, her eyes were dark side orange, and deep set with dark rings. She looked much like the Sith Master’s that Ra’en had faced over her many years in the Jedi order. But there was something else there too. 

No wonder T3 was confused. She thought, regaining her composure. She’d been told that Ankyla was set up as infiltrator within the Sith hierarchy five years ago. Just how deep had Ankyla gone into her persona? 

Ankyla lifted her ungloved hand up so that Ra’en could see it in the low lighting. Ra’en noted the blackening fingers with widening eyes and whatever she’d begun to think fell away. 

"M-master Zan, I need your help," the girl stated, voice shaking and scared.  T3 beeped again this time more uncertain than angry as it tilted its flat head to one side. Ankyla smiled at the familiar questioning noises coming from him but Ra’en stood there unsure what to think of this Knight. She was so familiar but yet, they’d never met before. 

"No, I'm not a Sith. I-I don't understand what's happening to me either… but that can wait. We need to get to Yavin IV," Ankyla answered T3. Ra’en shook her head of the swirling thoughts and focused on the problem at hand.

"Yavin IV. Master Dacol and Master Kael Rishond set up a temporary Jedi temple there," Master Zan spouted trying to make sense of it. Ankyla's eyes watered and Master Zan felt her fear. What had the girl seen?
Ankyla’s throat tightened at Master Zan’s statement. It confirmed her fears. The vision she had was indeed possible. Her tears touched Master Zan and she nodded.

 "Let me gather… my things and we can leave immediately," She stated, running back the way she'd come, “T3 Stay with Ankyla.” T3 beeped an affirmative as it watched her go. Ankyla sat on one-half of a circular couch, pulling her cloak tighter around her. She was so cold. Why did it seem colder here than on Dromund Kaas?

T3 slowly rolled toward her as she fought the tears. Some escaped down her cheeks but She wiped them away before they traveled too far and the droid chirped sadly. She gave him a reassuring smile as more tears flowed and she breathed deeply.

“There is no emotion. There is peace.” She quoted and then gave up. What use was the code when people were going to die? She focused on breathing as the faces of those that would die flashed in her mind. If she could only make it there in time, maybe they wouldn't die. T3 whistled low as he watched her tears fall then glanced at her blackened fingers.

"No, it doesn't hurt,” she replied, sliding on her black glove that matched her fingers. “I had a vision, T3. If we don't hurry, many Jedi will die and I can feel that death as if it’s part of the past," She explained to the droid who once again whistled low, mournful. She set her gloved hand to his cold metal head and opened herself to the Force, hoping she would receive a vision to counter the one that she'd had on Dromund Kaas.
Ra’en bounded from the elevator into her private room and her hair followed a second behind her, flying like a flag as she made a mental list of everything she absolutely needed. She grabbed her twin sabers from the bedside table, slide the seven Kyber crystals she used for meditating into a small satchel, and attaching all three to her belt before buckling it in place. She turned to find Master Savion Rishond standing in the doorway to the refresher.

“Is Ankyla here? Is she alright?” he asked noting her disheveled look. Ra’en nodded and snatched her cloak from the desk’s chair. “Then what’s the hurry? What’s going on?”
“She’s had a vision. I have to take her to Yavin IV,” She replied, keeping her words brief. She grabbed the ties for her hair and started for the elevator again.

“Ra’en, Wait. I’m coming with you,” he asserted. He grabbed his belt, sabers, and cloak from the bed before she stopped. She hit the call for the elevator and he was right behind her as the doors opened. “Does Ankyla know I’m here?”

“No. I didn’t tell her anyone else was here. I didn’t have time,” She offered as they stepped inside.

“Yavin IV. Hmm… have you contacted Siman or Wil’ja yet? They’ll need to be aware of what’s going on.” She shook her head and he raised his eyebrows pulling his communicator off his belt.

“All I had time to do was come down to get everything and you. T3 is with Ankyla.” He nodded and punched in the code for Master Greeath’s holocom. If anyone would be available right now, she would.

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