Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Writer's Life: June/July

Happy July!

 (This will be a half-year in review)
The year is half over, how are you doing on your Resolutions? 
How's your life in general? 
I know for sure that it's been a year that I'll never forget already. 

Starting out with physical issues isn't what most people would want to remember but this year has been a year for change. A year for taking charge and getting everything back in order... Okay, not everything. I mean, my sleep schedule is still a wreck, my body is rebelling, and I'm not where I wanted to be in my writing but I've taken charge in other ways:
  1. I've stopped using my pain as a crutch (not that I ever really did).
  2. I've talked to Doctors about things that have been going on for years. 
  3. I've made conscious decisions about my health.
  4. I've been better at getting projects done. 
 Over the last six months, life has changed (and will continue to change). My parents are moving, I'm taking a new medication, I'm creating more content for my illustrations, and I'm writing less.... That last point isn't good but I'll get to it in a moment.

First off, Blogging has really taken a back seat the last few months and I apologize. My sleep schedule is none existent still and no matter what I do or what I try it doesn't seem to help only for a day or two. I've accepted that I am a night owl. I create more in the hours that people are sleeping than I do during the day.

Secondly, my health has been okay. I've had migraines more often again, my knee that I had surgery on five years ago is acting up again, but through this, I've accepted that my body is not normal and there is nothing I can do to make it normal. I just go with the flow and talk to my doctors about it whenever something new or off happens. That's a huge step for me because I don't like doctors (who does?).

Thirdly, writing has not been every day. I've been making content for my DeviantArt page, practicing my other creative skills, and, while this is a good thing, I really need to set priorities. So, This month I'm going to take evasive action on this front in three main ways.
  1. Setting a "Writing Time" every day:
    I will set a daily alarm on my phone and sit down to write. If for some reason, I need to move that time I will set a second alarm to make sure I do sit down to write at least for an hour a day.
  2. I'm going to give myself consequences for missing deadlines.
  3. I"m going to have someone keep me accountable and ask if I've written at least a chapter today.
    You know who you are *stares at my friend whom I know reads these*.
Alright, so the half year review is that I'm behind (of course) but I'm going to get back on schedule... I need to finish A Born Angel: Book II, Edit Book I, and rewrite my SWTOR book. If you didn't know I was writing a SWTOR series you need to go have a look at my NANOWRIMO page and the last few blogs.

Anyhow, that's all I have for today. I'm going to finish up a picture I was working on for July 12th... Oh! July 12th is Internet-Wide day of action to save Net Neutrality.

"The FCC wants to destroy net neutrality and give big cable companies control over what we see and do online. If they get their way, they’ll allow widespread throttling, blocking, censorship, extra fees and discrimination in favor of the rich publishers who can afford to pay for the fast lane.

The Internet has thrived precisely because of net neutrality. It's what makes it so vibrant and innovative—a place for creativity, free expression, and exchange of ideas with a level playing field for all kinds of content. Without real, enforceable net neutrality rooted in the legal foundation known as Title II, the Internet will become more like Cable TV, where the content you see is what your provider gets paid to put in front of you by powerful corporate media interests."

I, for one, Am participating in this by making artwork about it for my DeviantArt Page and I'll have a blog on it as well on that day. If you want more information you can visit the Battle for the Net homepage here

As A writer, Blogger, and artist it scares me to even think that I would not be able to get my work out to all of you because some major corporation wants to control the content put out over the internet like they control what goes out of their companies for Cable TV. I will not stand by while this happens. You can join the fight on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and DeviantArt if you have accounts there. Join the Fight!

That's it for today's blog. Go be Awesome, my Lovelies!!!

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