Saturday, August 12, 2017

Illustration & Story Snippet: A Heated Debate

A shorter scene but still a good one. This comes from Book Three: An Angel Falls

I heard two bickering voices. I knew both Voices all too well and they were bickering about me.

Great. Just flipping fantastic. I thought to myself as I walked toward the newly painted lounge. I threw open the door and there they were. I'd been looking all over for them and they were here in the lounge arguing about something they could not control.

"Guys," I calmly tried to get their attention. Neither one acknowledged me.

"You can't even keep an eye on her for ten days?!" Beryx voiced and I crossed my arms over my chest.

"She was going with her sister and the girls. I didn't know where they were going and I had Erica watching her," Michael offered. I slowly counted to ten in my head, trying not to blow up at them and add to the volume.

"Michael, I asked you to watch her for a reason. No one else knows her like you do," Beryx clarified, calming down.

"I can't be with her all the time. I have other duties," Michael shot back, his aura coloring with bright red rage. That was my cue. I augmented my speed and burst between them ready for a fight.

"Stop this! The both of you," I shouted and they stared down at me for a moment. I turned to Beryx, "I don't need to be watched. I can take care of myself." I turned my glare to Michael, "Why are you even arguing this? You know better than anyone that I can take care of myself." They looked from me to each other and I counted to ten again, waiting for some cutting response.

"Kalista, your track record as of late says otherwise," Beryx spoke first and I whirled my head to him. Anger burned my chest and my incisors elongated. My Angelic form had decided enough was enough.

"He's right," Michael added and my fingernails lengthened into near talons. I balled my hands into fists and growled.

"THAT IS ENOUGH!" I shouted and the building shook. I loosened my fingers and felt blood on my fingernails.

Just great, now I can add "self-harm" to my list of issues. I internally growled as I walked toward the first-aid kit on the wall. They watched me go but neither one said a word. The door creaked open and I turned to see Director Angelic's blonde head of hair in the door.

"Miss Angelic, my office. Now," he instructed as I grabbed a roll of gauze and the medical tape. I shut the door on the kit and walked out. Not bothering to say another word to the boys.

(Editing Update: I'm currently on page 82, which is almost halfway through book One, yay!)

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